Multiples of 6

Full houses at CFS at both 9:45 & 11 sessions. I had planned on working out at 11, but Jeff asked that I lead the session. I’m much louder than Jeff. Much, much louder.

It’s a well known fact that I enjoy coaching, and today was no exception. For the most part, even though the groups were large, things ran smoothly and athletes cooperated with each other. For the most part. There will always be people who complain about one thing or another. “It’s too crowded.” “All of the 10 pound plates are taken.” “I can’t easily get to the bar for toes to bar.” This is CrossFit folks: it ain’t supposed to be easy. Adapt, adjust, and demonstrate flexibility. Be nice. Be. Nice.

And what does “It’s like walking through a landmine” supposed to communicate to me? Were you in danger? Really?

Uhm, everyone will notice if you skip an activity — even if I happen to be looking elsewhere. Uhm, everyone will notice if you don’t complete all reps of an activity — even if I don’t. Uhm, no one likes a cheater. No one.

There, I got that off of my chesticles.

I worked out after everyone had left. Jeff offered to stay, but I insisted that he take Luke home and relax. Besides, I’m very used to working out by myself, yo.

Push jerk
5 @ 80, 85, & 90%

I completed sets @ 115, 125, & 130#. Everything felt kinda heavy today, but I successfully completed all reps.

24-min AMRAP
6 front squats @ 75% of body weight (115#)
18 seated box jumps (17″ to 24″)
12 toes through rings

I had programmed toes through rings after front squats but mistakenly completed seated box jumps after front squats the first round. I continued in this manner for the remainder of the workout.

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken. I did. I did, however, rest briefly between activities. I have found that I do much better when I rest between activities and then complete rounds unbroken. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

Front squats felt heavy but manageable. Cleaning 115# presents no challenge, even if it is 80% if 1RM. Drop under the bar, Paul.

I wore a large bandage over still-healing wound on left leg and wore calf compression sleeves as well. Nonetheless, box jumps hurt.

Toes through rings? No problem. Yes, my toes went through rings for each and every rep.

I completed 9 rounds + 1 front squat.
55 front squats
162 seated box jumps
108 toes through rings


3 thoughts on “Multiples of 6

  1. I just viewed what a seated box jump is…..I am a very impressed and already want to know what the scaling version is of that.

  2. Now that is a challenging workout! I can’t wait to say “oh toes to rings are programmed today, eh… No problem”.

    The complainers will always find something to complain about. If the space were larger, with unlimited amounts plates, there will still be something to complain about. All is never right in the world by their standards. You just have to let those comments roll of your back.

    Thank you for all of your encouragement today! You are truly awesome!

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