Burpee FUN


For a nice change of pace, I worked out at 7 this morning. All. By. Myself.

It’s no secret that I love burpees; thus I was very much looking forward to this workout. I wasn’t disappointed.

Burpee Challenge
0-4:30 | Burpees to 4″ target
6-10:30 | Burpee box jumps (30)

12-16:30 | Burpee plate presses (45)
18-22:30 | Burpee dead-lifts (185)
24-28:30 | Burpee pull-ups
30-34:30 | Burpee toes to bar

Four and half minutes of work and a minute and a half of rest.

My goal was to work continuously and at a steady, even pace for each of the rounds and to only rest between rounds. Done.

Burpees to 4″ target presented little challenge. I completed 67 reps.

I was concerned with burpee box jumps due to still healing left leg. I bandaged wound securely and didn’t miss a single box jump. I completed 39 reps.

Plate burpees are never fun. I didn’t at all mind completing them today. Thirty-nine reps.

I was not at all looking forward to burpee dead-lifts, having completed 81, 185# dead-lifts just 25 hours earlier. I found burpee dead-lifts to be much easier than 9 unbroken dead-lifts. I know not why. Forty reps.

Most everyone knows that I love both burpee pull-ups and burpee toes to bar. I completed 40 reps of both activities.

Burpees to 4″ target = 67
Burpee box jumps (30) = 39

Burpee plate presses (45) = 39
Burpee dead-lifts (185) = 40
Burpee pull-ups = 40
Burpee toes to bar = 40
Total = 265

Uhm, that’s a lot of burpees.


  • Having reviewed the recording, I am pleased with the pace that I set at the beginning of each round. I do wonder if my pace would’ve been faster if I had completed with others.
  • Ninety seconds of rest was almost too much rest time.
  • I had to remain very focused while completing burpee box jumps. I did fear that I’d miss a jump and re-injure my leg.
  • Forty-five pounds now feels very light for plate presses. I must be getting stronger. You think?
  • When I completed 39 burpee box jumps I set my goal to complete 39 plate presses. When I was completing burpee dead-lifts I thought, “Why 39? Why not 40?” I had to push myself at the end of the last 3 activities in order to complete 40 reps, but I did reach that in-the-moment goal.
  • Even though I was the most tired, burpee toes to bar were the easiest, as I quickly determined the most efficient way to complete. Nope, I ain’t telling you what that method is — unless you’re a CFS member.

I coached the 6 am WOD prior to working out, and was very impressed with all athletes, particularly Emily and Nick — who both completed the WOD Rx. It’s always wonderful as a coach to personally witness someone overcome her/his fears.

And it’s always much appreciated when I’m personally thanked for providing both direction and support.

I can be a very nice person. Just don’t let everyone know.

I can also be a total dick. Everyone already knows that.

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