Ridden hard and put away wet.

Yup, the title of today’s blog sums up my feelings nicely, as that’s exactly how I feel.

I worked out at 8:30 (Jeff coached) and then coached the 9:45 and Community WODs.

Complete 21 reps:
— Strict handstand pushups, i.e., no kipping
Then complete 21 reps of the following activities in any order that you choose:
— Snatch (50% of bodyweight)
— Overhead squat (55%)
— Thruster (60%)
— Shoulder to overhead (65%)
— Sumo dead-lift high pull (70%)

— Ground to overhead (75%)
— Front squat (80%)

— Back squat (85%)
— Sumo dead-lift (90%)
Then, complete 21 reps:
— Dead-hang pull-ups, i.e., no kipping
Rest exactly 1 minute between activities. Use that time to add or remove weight from the bar. 

I should’ve weighed myself before completing this, as I overestimated my weight. Having just returned from the doctor’s office, I know that I weigh 141#, and that’s not even when I’m naked. I should’ve asked to be weighed naked.

I estimated body weight at 145, knowing that I was rounding up. Weights were then following:

Snatch 72.5 75
OHS 79.75 80
Thurster 87 90
S2O 94.25 95
SDHP 101.5 105
G2O 108.75 110
FS 116 120
BS 123.25 125
SDL 130.5 135

Weights could’ve been the following if based on 141#:

Snatch 70.5 70
OHS 77.55 80
Thruster 84.6 85
S2O 91.65 95
SDHP 98.7 100
G2O 105.75 110
FS 112.8 115
BS 119.85 120
SDL 126.9 130

Note that if the weight was even .25# I rounded up to the next multiple of 5. The following chart lists the differences in weight:

Snatch 5
Thruster 5
S2O 0
G2O 0
FS 5
BS 5

Live and learn, yo.

I kept track of time and, when I remembered to do so, reps.

Note that some of the times might be incorrect, as I can barely read the notes that I took.

— Strict handstand pushups

I completed 11 unbroken — and strict — HSPUs. I can’t recall how many rounds it took me to complete remaining 10. I wasn’t the first to complete HSPUs (although I did complete as prescribed, i.e., full range of motion).

Time = 1:30

— Snatch (50% of bodyweight)

Snatches at 75# felt heavy. Given that my 1RM is a mere 85#, I understand why. I had 2 failed attempts. Dammit. Snatches took me a very long time to complete. I did not keep track of rounds. Dammit. Damn snatches. Dammit, snatches.

Time = 4:23

The rest between activities often didn’t even allow enough time to add weight to the bar. Just sayin’, not complainin’.

— Overhead squat (55%)

OHS were much easier to complete today than in the past. Eighty pounds nonetheless felt heavy. I completed in rounds of 10, 7, & 4.

Time = 1:47.

— Thruster (60%)

Thruster? I don’t even know her. Ninety pound thrusters in rounds of 6, 5, 5, & 5. I hate thrusters, and today was no exception.

Time = 2:06

— Shoulder to overhead (65%)

Ninety-five pounds. I push-jerked or split-jerked most reps. I completed in rounds of 9, 7, & 5.

Time = 1:52

— Sumo dead-lift high pull (70%)

SDHPs at 105 felt heavy. I completed in rounds of 7, 5, 5, & 4. I was beginning to feel nauseated. I had to rest far longer than what should have been needed between rounds. Dammit.

Time = 2:20

— Ground to overhead (75%)

I clean & jerked or clean & split-jerked all reps. Yup, 110 felt heavy. I completed in rounds of 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, & 3. Wow. I was resting a loooong time between rounds.

Time = 4:29

— Front squat (80%)

I did not use a rack, so I did have to (once again) clean the bar from the floor. So 125# felt like 1,125#. I completed in rounds of 7, 9 (I was bound and determined to not put down the bar), & 5.

Time = 2:46

— Back squat (85%)

Back squats just 16# less (125#) than body weight. Wow. Just wow. I cleaned the bar, jerked it overhead, and placed on my back. I had hoped that I would only need to do that once. Sadly, this was not the case. I completed in rounds of 14 & 7.

Time = 1:14

— Sumo dead-lift (90%)

SDLs at a mere 135# felt light. I was quite exhausted by this time, however, and still had to break into rounds of 15 & 6.

Time = 1:07

— Dead-hang pull-ups

Uhm, yeah, so I like completed 50 dead-hang pull-ups yesterday. I neglected to record rounds, but know that I completed no more than 5 unbroken and completed last 4 reps one at a time. One. At. A. Time.

Time = 2:17

Total time = 35:45
Total work time = 25:45 (10 minutes rest time)

I didn’t get to observe the 8:30 athletes, so I can’t offer any kudos. I did, obviously, observe the 9:45 athletes, and I’m very, very proud of (almost) all of you. Special kudos to Steve B. who was finally able to complete snatches and OHS, and who also completed strict dead-hang pull-ups.

I saw far too much kipping. And sandbagging.

Sweat (and maybe some tear) stains.
Sweat (and maybe some tear) stains.

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