Post-Linda crawling


Wow. Fifty-five dead-lifts, bench presses, and full squat cleans left a mark on my body (and mind), particularly my pectoral muscles. I know I need a rest day. I also know that I’ll likely not have an opportunity to work out this weekend, as I’ll be head judge at Throwdown in the Triangle.

I coached the 6 & 7 Boot Camps and the 8:30 WOD. I did not complete today’s strength, as I wasn’t going to clean today. No way, no how. I did complete the conditioning, and opted for the easier of the 2 options. That was the smart thing to do, right?

Wall crawls
Power snatches (75)
24 (12/leg) grasshoppers between rounds

As this took an incredible amount of upper body strength, I was glad that I wasn’t tired and that my pectoral muscles weren’t sore. (See above.)

I usually enjoy wall crawls. I didn’t enjoy crawling up the newly painted wall today. I completed the first round of 9 wall crawls in reps of 7 & 2. That was a portent of things to come… On a positive note, all wall crawls were completed as prescribed, i.e., I walked both up and down the wall and didn’t merely drop or flop to the floor.

So here’s my deal with snatches. I always feel like my form is shitty, but when I watch the recording my form is, well, far from shitty. I think, “You’re not dropping under the bar.” I view the recording and see that I drop under the bar. “You’re donkey kicking.” I view the recording and see that I’m not donkey kicking.” “Keep the bar close. It’s not traveling in a heterosexual path.” I view the recording, draw a straight line, and see that the bar travels in a heterosexual path. “You’re not fully extending your arms as you drop under the bar.” I view the recording and… you see where I’m going with this.

Back to the snatches. For a change of pace I ensured that I didn’t take my hands off of the bar until I finished a set of reps. Bar locked out overhead, to mid-thigh, to floor, and snatch. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I completed all rounds of 24 grasshoppers unbroken, but I had to will myself to do so. And my my knee touched my knees touched my elbows each and every rep.

Uhm, yeah, so like I had to complete the last 9 wall crawls one at a time. One. At a. Time.

Time = 13:34

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