Romeo & Juliet

Today felt so much like a Tuesday that when Mike showed up at 8:30 for Boot Camp I asked, “Why are you here today, Mike? You’re a day early!” I also thought that Jannicka was coaching the Boot Camp and that I was coaching the WOD. I blame math. For everything. Even world hunger.

I worked out at 9:30, and it was good.

Front rack reverse lunges

It’s been quite some time since I completed front rack reverse lunges. I worked up to a set of 141#, i.e., body weight. I discovered that I do much better when I complete the 1st and 3rd rep with non-dominant, right leg. And I know not why.

Dead-lifts (225/165)
Ring dips

I knew this was going to be tough, and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. Heavy dead-lifts = LEGS and high rep ring dips = ARMS.

My goals were to have no failed reps and to not lift or dip to failure.

I completed the round of 18 dead-lifts unbroken. That may be a first. I completed the round of 18 kipping ring dips unbroken. That’s not a first.

Round of 15 dead-lifts and ring dips in reps of 8, 4, & 3.

Round of 12 dead-lifts in reps of 5, 4, & 3. I rested ever so briefly between sets. Ring dips in sets of 7, 3, & 2.

Round of 9 dead-lifts in reps of 5 & 4 and ring dips in reps of 6 & 3.

Almost there. Almost there.

Round of 6 dead-lifts in reps of 4 & 2 and ring dips unbroken.

Finally, 3 unbroken dead-lifts and ring dips.

Time = 6:38

I was dead, I tell you, dead.

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