Throwdown, yo.

I worked out at 8:45. I’ve been anxious to attempt a couple of the Throwdown in the Triangle workouts, so I did so today.

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Workout 1
9 minutes (4-minute AMRAP; rest 1 minute; 4-minute AMRAP)
— 100 double unders
— 30 squats
— 15 pull-ups

With time remaining

— Shoulder to overhead 115#

I mistakenly read the team workout and used the scaled instead of master weight for S2O. And that’s okay. I also only rested 1 instead of 2 minutes. And that wasn’t that okay.

I completed 67 unbroken reps and then completed the set. I doing much better at staying in one place.

Unlike what I witnessed Saturday in particular, my air squats were completed as prescribed, i.e., hips below parallel and full extension. I completed 30 unbroken air squats and then 30 caterpillar not butterfly kipping pull-ups. My chin was well above the bar. I completed S2O in reps of 4, 3, 2, & 2 for a total of 11 reps. That sh!t felt heavy. I push-jerked an split-jerked all reps.

Uhm, 1 minute was not enough rest, and I understand why a 2-minute rest was allowed for the individual competition. I really didn’t want to do that sh!t all over again.

I completed double unders in reps of 47, 37, & 16.

I completed 30 unbroken air squats, and felt as if I was going to throw up as I did so. I came very close to quitting.

Fifteen unbroken pull-ups.

S2O in reps of 3 (push pressing the 3rd rep, and I know not why), 3, & 2 for a total of 8 reps.

Total reps = 309

I rested a mere 9 minutes before completing the next workout.

Workout 2
5-minute AMRAP

— 10 burpee deadlift @ 205 (male master)
— 10 burpee deadlift @ 225
— Burpee deadlift 275 max reps with time remaining 

This was more fun than I could have possibly imagined. I don’t know what I love more: burpees, bar hops, or dead-lifts. Okay, I do know what I love the most — burpees!

Chest and thighs to the floor for each burpee. I did not twist as I jumped over the bar.

Deadlifts at 205 felt light. I liked that.

I completed the first 10 burpees in 1:16. I quickly added 10# plates to the end of the bar and began next set of 10 at 1:26. That’s 5 seconds a plate. I’m good at math.

Deadlifts at 225 never feel all that heavy, and today was no exception.

I completed the 2nd round when the clock read 2:57 and began the final round when the clock read 3:20. I took me 11.5 seconds to put on each plate. I’m good at math.

I took me 1:31 to complete the 2nd round (not including rest)

Uhm, deadlifts at 275# felt heavy.

I completed a 10th deadlift just before the clock beeped.

I took me 1:40 to complete the final round.

Score = 30

I think I’d work a lot faster if I were competing with others. I do. I truly do…

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