9 x 9 = 49

I worked out after coaching the 11:45 session. My favorite, Alexus, was there, and this made my day!

I’m a widdle sore, particularly my upper body. The Throwdown will do that to you, yo. So will 150 ring pushups.

9 unbroken SDHP, 95#
9 unbroken GHD sit-ups
9 unbroken box jumps 36″ 33″

As the wound on my left leg is not yet completely healed, I covered it with gauze and secured with athletic tape.

Athletic tape sucks.

Uhm, yeah, so I kept thinking “It’s just 49 reps. I can easily do 49 reps.” Yup, I was convinced that 9 x 9 = 49. Uhm, 9 x 9 = 81. I discovered this by using my iPhone calculator after the workout.

I set up iPad, barbell, GHD, and box with plates. This was the first time that I worked out directly facing the iPad, and I found it to be quite distracting. The only thing I wanted to do was look at myself, and marvel and my athletic abilities and handsomeness.

I may very well have to put up mirrors at CFS. I’m just that awesome. Sorry about that.

This workout started off very well, and I easily completed 9 SDHPs, GHD sit-ups, and 36″ box jumps.

And then the unimaginable happened. I was less than perfect. I was less than perfect for the very first time this calendar year. I made it 253 days being absolutely perfect. While not a perfect record as in many previous years, I’m still pleased.

Oh, yes, what happened? I approached  the box — and couldn’t will myself to jump 36″. I tried once, then again, again, again, and again. I removed one of the 45# plates, jumped 33″ twice, placed the 45# plate back upon the other plate, attempted to jump once, then again, and again — and I just couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it. One more time: I just couldn’t do it. I removed the plate and successfully completed 9 unbroken 33″ box jumps. I took a drink of Progenex and carried on.

Nine unbroken SDHPs and GHD sit-ups. I completed 2, 33″ box jumps, placed the 45# plate back upon the other plate, and couldn’t will myself to jump 36″. I removed the 45# plate. Since the the prescribed workout was unbroken box jumps, I completed 9, i.e., I did not count the 2 I had just completed.

I had to scale. I. Had to. Scale. I had to. Scale. I had to scale.


I did complete the remainder of the workout in unbroken sets of 9 reps of all activities.

I was, however, getting quite winded. I kept thinking, “Why is this so difficult? It’s only 49 reps.” Damn math. I hate math. I. Hate. Math.

The last 3 rounds were exceedingly difficult, particularly the SDHPs. I so very much wanted to stop after completing 4 or 5 reps. I had to will myself to continue.

Upon completing sets of SDHPs, I got on the GHD machine as quickly as I could, telling myself, “You can easily do 9 sit-ups. There’s no need to rest.” I would indeed rest ever so briefly before completing box jumps and SDHPs.

Oh, about the SDHPs. I completed all reps, including the last of each set, by bringing the bar to mid-thigh and then the floor.

I did occasionally glance at the clock. Eighteen minutes at 15 seconds had passed when I finally began the 9th round. I thought, “It’s unlikely that you’ll complete the workout in fewer than 20 minutes. Keep working, and don’t look at the clock until you stand up after the final box jump.”

Time = 19:45

I reviewed the recording while showering. Yup, I can do that, as we have the most awesome shower. No, the iPad isn’t inside the shower. Duh.

What I most noticed is that I have very white teeth.






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