Friday the 13th

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Ms. Evelyn!
Ms. Evelyn!

Evelyn surprised me with a gift! The front of the tee shirt: If CrossFit were easy it would be called your mother, yo. Yup, I’ve said that. The back: Welcome to CrossFit. Have a nice day! I often say this at the end of a workout, you know, when folks are lying on the floor panting, drooling, and swearing. 

I worked out at 10:30. In celebration of Friday the 13th I programmed a “fun” WOD.

Complete 13 reps of the following as fast as possible:
1. Thrusters (95/65)
2. Bent over rows
3. Straight legged dead-lifts
4. SDHPs
5. Front squats
6. Hang cleans
7. Dead (since it’s Friday the 13th) hang pull-ups
8. 1-armed KB swings (52/35)
9. Box jumps (30/24)
10. Slam balls (30/20)
11. Slam ball jumping air squats
12. Slam ball pushups
13. Slam ball burpees

My goal was to complete as many activities unbroken as possible, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to do so for dead hang pull-ups. I did for all except pull-ups and hang cleans. Uhm, if it’s a hang clean it’s a full squat clean. Pay attention, please.

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

Thrusters went remarkably well this morning, and 13 unbroken presented no challenge. And no time did I even contemplate dropping the bar. Thirteen unbroken bent over rows were completed very quickly, as were 13 unbroken straight legged dead-lifts. Fourteen, actually, as I bent my knees on the 4th rep and redid.

I wasn’t looking to SDHPs for no other reason than I had just completed 49 81 Wednesday.  Unbroken nonetheless.

I love front squats. For that matter, I love back squats and overhead squats. Thirteen unbroken. 

I was, however, getting winded. I completed hang cleans in reps of 5, 5, & 3. 

Dead hang pull-ups were miserable. I completed in sets of 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, & 1. Full range of motion, I assure you. 

One-armed alternating KB swings were also completed unbroken. As I feared that I would not get the 52# KB to eye level, I over compensated. Upon reviewing the recording I can report that KB swings were completed between Russian and American. Mexican? Brazilian? 

I wasn’t looking to box jumps for no other reason than I had just completed 49 81 Wednesday.  Unbroken nonetheless.

Slam balls? I love slamming balls. Slam ball jumping air squats? I don’t mind if I do. Slam ball pushups? I love tricep pushups. Slam ball burpees?

I usually wholeheartedly love but today only half-heartedly loved. I really wanted to stop during set of 13, but would not allow myself to do so. 

I called time to no one at 10:24


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