Jelly legs and bruised butt

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A fun day at CFS! I coached the 8:30 and most of the 9:45 session, and completed the metcon during the 9:45 session — led by Coach Jeff! This was the final event from the Throwdown in the Triangle.

10-min AMRAP

60 KB swings (53)

45 box jumps (24)
30 HSPU 
15 snatch (95)
5 muscle ups

I didn’t even make it to the muscle ups. I completed KB swings in reps of 30, 15, & 15. I really don’t recall how many sets of box jumps I completed, but box jumps did go reasonably well.

I had hoped to complete HSPUs in reps of 5, but was only able to do so for the first 15. I missed 1 rep, and did complete the last 3 reps as singles. Ugh. My shoulders were smoked!

More than 9 minutes had passed when I finally began snatches. I didn’t lift the masters weight of 115, and that’s okay. I struggled with 95 and missed 2 reps. And that’s less than okay.

I was less than happy with my performance.

Jeff and I had drinks with Glenda and Ashlee, I took a nap, and returned to the box to complete tomorrow’s programmed WOD.

400m walking lunges
Rest exactly 2 minutes

3 rounds not for time
Max reps Abmat unbroken sit-ups; rest exactly 1 minute between rounds

I taped gauze to my knees, marked a new 100m course (200m out and back), grabbed a stopwatch, and lunged 200m in exactly 90 steps. Unbroken, too. I glanced at the stopwatch only to discover that I hadn’t even started it. I thought, “This is a sign. Don’t do this. Just go home.”

I shook out my legs and started again.

This was painful, and I had to frequently pause to shake out my legs, catch my breath, and/or swear.

I took me 6 minutes to lunge 200m, so I set my goal to complete the workout in 12 minutes.

I took me 380 steps and I completed in 11:57. That was close! Keep in mind I actually lunged 500m for the day.

I hobbled 50m or so to the box. Yes, hobbled, as I could barely stand upright.

I had positioned the Abmat in front of the Big Ass Fan by the garage door. I started the timer in the box to keep track of rest time between rounds.

I set a goal to complete at least 100 sit-ups the first round and completed 110. I took me 3:30 to do so. I rested exactly 1 minute.

I set a goal to complete at least 75 sit-ups. I completely lost focus and, without intending to do so, stopped at the top of the 66th sit-up. I felt as if I had been punched in the gut. Just 66 sit-ups? I took me 2:19 to do so. I again rested exactly 1 minute.

I set a goal to complete 75 sit-ups. I quickly got into a very good rhythm and easily completed 75. I re-set my goal to 100. Then 125, then 150, then 175, then 200 — the highest number of unbroken Abmat sit-ups I have ever completed.

I kept going. And going. And going. I completed 314 sit-ups and only stopped because my ass checks were raw. There is no amount of BodyGlide that can prevent chafing when one completes that many sit-ups. It took me 12:19 to complete that many sit-ups. That’s over 12 minutes of unbroken sit-ups. I know you could’ve probably figured that out on your own, but I wanted to emphasize my accomplishments. You may bow to me the next time we greet.

That’s 490 sit-ups. If only I had completed just 10 more reps…

2 thoughts on “Jelly legs and bruised butt

  1. I am laughing so hard, I am almost crying.

    At the same time, I am greatful I will not be in class tomorrow. I cursed through most on the lunges on Tuesday morning, and I would be doing so tomorrow if I were in town.

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