“Linda” Redux

I coached most of the morning at CFS, but did complete the WOD at 11. It was as painfully wonderful as I recall.

Given that I had just completed “Linda” a mere 10 days ago, the memory was still very fresh.

Benchmark WOD “Linda”
10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1
Dead-lift @ 150% of body weight (212#)
Bench press @ body weight (141#)
Clean @ 75% of bodyweight (106#)

Brad was kind enough to both spot — and count — for me, and this was a welcome relief. I relied upon him to remind me how many reps I had to complete; thus I didn’t have to keep track on the whiteboard. Brad keeping track of rounds and reps may have saved me 60 seconds.

Brad also spotted bench presses for me; thus I didn’t need to worry about failing a rep. I did, in fact, fail a rep sometime during the middle of the workout. Brad spotting for me may have saved me 60 seconds.

Given the coaching I’ve received from GF, my form and execution for cleans was much, much better. Improving my form may have saved me 60 seconds.

I completed the WOD in 19:34 — exactly 60 seconds faster than 10 days ago.

Jeff coached, and I can recall him saying, “If you keep working hard you can finish in under 20 minutes.” That’s all the encouragement that I needed.

I grunted loudly and it was duly noted. Once again, I offer no apologies.

One last thing: A clean is always a full squat clean. Not a power clean. Not a hang clean. Not a power clean and a front squat. Okay? Okay.

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