It’s Amy Scott’s Birthday!


My VW Gold TDi is in the shop. Jeff was kind enough to allow me to borrow his Mercedes. Uhm, you’d think I’d like driving a luxury car, but I don’t. Three words: no stick shift.

I have control issues.

I had intended to complete low bar back squat during the 6 am session, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

As I hadn’t completed strength, I decided that I also wouldn’t complete metcon, but at the last minute I chose to do so. I blame Kristina.

100 medicine ball cleans, 20#

As there was a 10-minute time cap, I had hoped to complete in 5 minutes or fewer. Uhm, 5:03. Dammit.

Steve said it best: “Why not just say 200 squats, because you’re doing 2 squats for each rep?” Oh, Steve, you’re a very funny guy.

I coached the 7 am Boot Camp, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and coached the 8:30 am session, attended by Deborah. Yup, just Deborah. It was like old times!

Low bar back squat
Establish 1RM

Now I was feeling it, as Deborah and I did an extensive warmup focusing on the legs and hips. Deborah kindly allowed me to join her.

I struggled at 225 but then rather easily lifted 235#. Huh? I called it a day.

And did the metcon once again. Yup, I did.

I was bound and determined to complete in fewer than 5 minutes, and I did — 4:45. I had 15 seconds to spare.

I met with GF at noon, and we worked on the clean, clean & jerk, push-jerk, split-jerk, and power snatch. I’m delighted, I tell you, delighted with what I’m learning, the progress that I’m making, and the thought that this will (hopefully) make me a better coach.

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