Today was all about skill building and improving form. I’m happy that I’m showing progress, and much of that is due to the excellent coaching I’m receiving from GF.
I worked out at 9:30. I felt particularly energetic today.

Oh, but wait! I forgot that I gave part of today’s metcon a trial run yesterday.

Thrusters & reverse lunges with barbell in front rack position, 75#
10 elevated pushups between rounds, 24” box

This was tough. My goal was to complete all rounds of thrusters and reverse lunges unbroken, i.e., not put down the bar between thrusters and lunges. This. Didn’t. Happen.

I did complete all 5 rounds of 10 pushups unbroken. Yay, me!

I also completed rounds of 2, 4, & 6 thrusters and lunges unbroken. Yay, me!

I put down the bar after completing 8 & then 10 unbroken thrusters. Boo, me. No exclamation point.

Time = 5:36

Back to today, yo.

Oh, but wait! I also attended Doreen’s awesome yoga session last night. The hour flew by. I felt much more stretchy afterwards. Surmounties, you really need to get your asses there.

Back to today, yo.

I began by working on clean and then power clean form followed by conditioning.

21 power cleans, 95#
21 ring dips


Power clean form improved as the metcon progressed. At any given time I thought about one or more of the following: weight shifting from mid-foot to heel, flat back and pinched shoulders, sloooooow first pull, hips back, pop hips, hips back again, drop a little under the bar, fast elbows, high elbows, loose wrists, bar to mid-thigh and then floor, puppies dogs, unicorns.

Ring dip form remained consistent throughout. I completed as many as 14 unbroken and as few as just 1 (unbroken?) reps. Ring dips were a welcome relief from power cleans.

Time = 16:56

Uhm, that’s 105 power cleans and ring dips. Uhm, in less than 17 minutes. Yay, me?!

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