Ms. Melinda

1378218_10151685533842196_314703390_nAnother long, wonderful day! I coached all of the WODs today, and a good time was had by all most a few me.

I’m still sore from Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s very challenging workouts. I completed nonetheless completed today’s conditioning after coaching the 8:30 session.

— Kettle bell swings (52)
— 6-count burpees
— Sprint 100m between rounds and before double unders
— 222 double unders
— Sprint 100m

While not all that difficult, the workout did have some challenging components. I set a surmountable goal of completing all rounds of KB swings and 6-count burpees unbroken. Uhm, that was easy.

I quickly recorded my time of 6:34 and began double unders. Each time I’d fail a rep I’d write down the running number. I’m too tired to go downstairs and get the piece of paper I used to record progress. I completed the entire metcon in 11:45. The most difficult task was running 100m after completing 222 double unders.

Why 222? Because those who were substituting 3 single unders for each double under would thus have to complete 666 single unders.

I’m just that evil.

Jennifer’s brother (and my newest Facebook friend) Dave attended the 4 pm session. Yay!

Jeff was kind enough to lead strength component during 6:30 session. I was fortunate enough to partner with Melinda! WDMD? She spotted me for bench press, yo. She also bench pressed some impressive weights.

Bench Press

I went heavy fast. I warmed up with 83, then did sets at 123, 143, and finished with a challenging set of 3 reps at 173 — 94% of 1RM. I’ll take it!

I no longer hate bench pressing. I do, however, continue to hate high fives. And slovenly individuals. 

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