30 Rounds for Time | Ronalicious


What a fun and challenging workout!

Jeff was kind enough to lead the 9:45 session. Thanks, Jeff!

30 RFT
— 5 wall ball shots (20# & 10′)
— 3 power clean & jerks (65% of body weight)
— 1 wall crawl

My goals were to complete all rounds of wall ball shots and power C & Js unbroken, and I almost achieved this goal.

Sixty-five percent of my body weight is 91.65, so I rounded up to 95#.

I love wall crawls.

My good friend, Jay, worked out at 9:45 as well. I encouraged folks to keep track of rounds by using 10 poker chips and using those same poker chips to keep track of what was in essence 3 rounds of 10 rounds. It appears that Jay either didn’t read the blog, didn’t read the whiteboard, and/or was in Lady Gaga land. Why, you ask? Read on.

The clock began and I thought, “Steady pace. Tortoise and the hare. Don’t concern yourself with what anyone else is doing.” Jay was in close proximity, so I couldn’t help but notice that he was, at any given time, a few reps ahead of me. I thought, “There are 30 rounds. Keep working at a steady pace, and you’ll eventually catch and very likely pass him.” Just as I was about to finish my 10th round I heard Jay yell, “Time!” Coach Jeff then said, “Jay, the workout is 30 rounds. You’ve got 20 more rounds to go.”

And Jay claims to be good at math.

I continued to work at a very steady pace. I completed 5 unbroken wall balls for 27 of the rounds. For the very last rep of the 21st round I didn’t throw the ball high enough and redid. For 2 of the latter rounds the ball slipped from my hand, as the ball had become very sweaty. I often hit the wall well above the 10′ target for no other reason than I wanted to ensure that each rep counted.

Ninety-five pounds felt like a mere 65 pounds today. Improving my form (thanks, GF!) is really paying off. I did indeed focus on form, particularly keeping feet grounded, a slow first pull, and full extension. Coach Jeff appeared to be impressed.

I completed all wall crawls as prescribed, i.e., chest to wall and a walk both down and up the wall, including the very last rep.

Time = 35:34

I thoroughly enjoyed this workout! It may go down as one of my favorites.

My very good friend (and new CFS member) Rona attended the 11 am session! Yeah, Rona! She did hurt her fingernail as she attempted to stop the bar from rolling. She showed me the bleeding digit — and I nearly hurled.


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