You went and saved the best for last.

1390726_10151694195432196_619346571_n 1384036_10151694195402196_2060207162_n 1383617_10151694195157196_1566901248_nI worked out — with Kelly-May! — at 9:45.

I absolutely freaking loved the WOD. Who comes up with this shit? Oh, that’d be me.

9/6/3 rope climbs
1600/1200/800m run
1000/750/500m row
Dead-lift bodyweight x 50/40/30
Ground to overhead bodyweight x 40/30/20
100/75/50 toes to bar
Cash out 100 double under (300 single unders)

Yup, I chose the first option. Unlike many folks, I did not complete as rounds but instead chipped away at activities, beginning with the most and ending with the least challenging.

Given a choice between completing fewer reps at a heavier weight or more reps at a lighter weight, I’ll always opt for more reps. Thus I settled upon 95# for shoulder to overhead and a mere 185# for dead-lifts.

While I can’t recall the exact order (and I didn’t record), I did complete ground to overhead, rope climbs, rowing, and almost all of the toes to bar before completing my first dead-lift and/or running.

I completed 3 sets of 3 reps of rope climbs. Climbing the rope felt very easy today.

I completed 6 sets of 10 unbroken reps of shoulder to overhead, completing all reps as clean & jerks. My form continues to improve.

I completed rowing in 4 rounds of 250m. Rowing was active recovery. I nonetheless kept the pace below 1:55/500m and strokes per minutes at about 27.

I completed the first 6 rounds of toes to bar in 10 unbroken and kipping reps. I was only able to complete 6 kipping the 7th round a decided then and there to complete remaining reps in unbroken and kipping rounds of 5 reps.

I completed 10 very fast dead-lifts, completed last 5 toes to bar, completed 10 more very fast dead-lifts, ran an easy mile, completed last 18 dead-lifts (time = 37:06), and then finished with double unders, completing in reps of 57, 10, & 33. My finishing time was 38:38.

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