Sore quads

photoYup, 100 front squats will leave one with sore quads.

I coached all of the sessions at CFS this morning, led the Second Saturday series regarding Learning Styles, and then worked out at 1:45.

Bent over row
Establish 5RM

While my quads are sore my arms are not. But my upper body should be sore. What’s up with that? I successfully completed 5 bent over rows @ 165#. I didn’t attempt a higher weight, i.e., I didn’t fail.

I think I might be pretty damn strong. Yes?

Ring dips
Bent over rows
Abmat sit-ups
Abmat back extensions
Begin each round with farmer’s carry with 52# KBs (10m forwards & 10m backwards), walking 100, 80, 60, 40, & 10m, respectively

Time = 16:50

The only truly challenging activity was the farmer’s carry. It was quite tempting to put down the KBs, but I did not. Nothing much else to report. Ok? Ok.

I’m highly auditory.

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