Multiples of 3

I worked out after coaching the 11:45 session. I had feared Sumo dead-lifts, as my hamstrings are somewhat wrecked from yesterday’s WOD. Happily things went much better than expected.

5 reps @75% of 1RM
3 @ 85%
1 @ 95%

That’s lifts @ 250, 285, & 320#. I remember in the not so distant past being stuck at 315 for dead-lift. I’m confident that I can SDL greater than 340 the week after next.

I became somewhat distracted during today’s conditioning, as Cullen was cleaning and Frank was finishing the installation of the shower. That and I suck at math and counting. Yeah, that, too.


Progressive box jumps (20, 24, 30″)
1-armed DB push-jerks, 35# dumbbells
Toes through rings

Core to extremities, folks. Core to extremities.

Each box jump counted as a rep, thus I’d jump 20, 24, & 30″ and that would be 3 reps. So that I wouldn’t favor an arm, I determined that I’d begin Ā rounds of 6, 9, 18, & 21 with left arm. Is that correct? Anyhow, it doesn’t matter much now…

I completed rounds of 3, 6, 9, 12, & 15 (for all intents and purposes) unbroken, as well as round 21. And parts of round 18. But not all of 15 or 18. Confused? Here’s what happened.

I completed 15 box jumps. When completing push-jerks I was convinced that I was completing the round of 18 and thus completed 18 reps. I completed 15 toes to bar, walked to the boxes and then convinced myself that it was the round of 18 so I completed 3 more reps. I then completed 21 reps of all activities.

Final counts:
Box jumps = 66
Push-jerks = 69
Toes through rings = 69

It was quite entertaining to watch the recording. I’m so easily distracted. Is that a butterfly? I like ice cream.

Oh, my times was 11:02.

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