I worked out at 6am this morning so that I could assist with coaching, as Ryan was attending the session and he was unfamiliar with the low bar back squat.

After a (mere) 8-minute warm up, we began with LBBS.

Low bar back squat
5 reps @ 60%, 65%, & 70% of 1RM

Reps @ 140, 155, and (mistakenly) 175#. Last set should’ve been 165#. Oops.

Partner OR Team WOD
24-min AMRAP
12, 2-min rounds
With partners or teammates taking turns rowing, partner or teammates complete AMRAP of the following:
— Floor presses (95)
— Weighted air squats (45)
— Knees to elbows
— Double unders
— Medicine ball cleans (20)

I partnered with R., a potential new CFS member. R. is a very strong athlete. We completed workout at prescribed.

R. began with floor presses and completed 80. That’s not a typo. Like I said, R. is very strong.

I completed 60 weighted air squats. My legs were on fire. Good thing I didn’t have to row! Oh, wait…

R. completed 33 toes to bar.

Double unders were a mess, and I only completed 100. I was trying to not get too winded before having to row again.

R. complete 29 medicine ball cleans. It was now my turn to complete floor presses. Could I complete 80?

Ha! Try half of that. Yup, a mere 40. I was getting tired, and I think most everyone else was as well.

R. complete 41 weighted air squats, I completed 32 toes to bar, R. completed 51 double unders, and I completed 31 med ball cleans. I would’ve completed more but Nick got all up in my business. Ha! I usually like med ball cleans. I didn’t much like med ball cleans today.

So close to finishing. Just 2, 2-minute rounds left.

R. completed 50 floor presses — still 10 more than I did first round. Did I mention that he’s strong?

I finished with 61 weighted air squats. That was a tough way to finish.

For all rounds of rowing I kept strokes per minute to between 25 and 27. That seemed to work well for me.

R. and I rowed 5,060m for a total of 506 reps, bringing our grand total to 1114.

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