I’m a lover, not a sprinter.

My view whilst blogging.
My view whilst blogging.

Uhm, yeah, so like no one attended the 8:30am WOD. I knew that the 9:45am WOD was going to be packed. Thanks, Jeff, for helping coach! I’m going to change your title to “Assistant to the Head Coach”. (Anyone get the reference? Anyone?)

As I had planned on working out with the now non-existent 8:30 group, I did just that. Once again, I worked out solo. Sayeth Jeff, “You like working out by yourself.” It’s not that I like working out alone, it’s that I don’t dislike working out alone.

I began with sled pulls.

Time Trial
— 50m sled pull @ 50% of bodyweight

Jeff timed me, and I completed 50m sprint in 14.9 and then 14.8 seconds. I had forgotten just how miserable sled pulls can be.

16:30 AMRAP
— 31 double unders
— 21 KB swings, 52#
— 11 lateral box jumps, 24″
— 1 dead-lift @ 85% of 1RM, 275#

Jeff asked, “How many rounds do you expect to complete?” “I usually only get 5 poker chips and start a new stack as needed,” I replied. “So,” Jeff said, “you really don’t know how many rounds?”

As this was an AFAP and not an AMRAP, I didn’t even consider attempting to play out in my head to determine how many rounds I could expect to complete. What I was certain of, however, was that the lateral box jumps were going to be difficult and that the dead-lifts were going to feel very heavy. I was correct.

Time seemed to come to a crawl as I completed this. I’d occasionally glance at the clock and would often think, “I have that much time left? Shit.” 

I completed all but the first round of double under unbroken. Luke got too close to the rope during the first round. Ouch. I did begin 2 other rounds with a few double unders and a miss, but I’d then start over. ‘Cause that’s what I do, bitches.

Only the first round of KB swings was completed unbroken, and the remaining in sets of 11 & 10 reps. KB swings felt heavy.

I had to re-do one lateral box jump, as I wobbled on the top and then descended. Jumping to the right was much easier than jumping to the left.

All dead-lifts were completed on the first attempt. After each rep I’d say, “That shit felt heavy.” Jeff ignored me.

As I requested that he do. “No cheering, no coaching, please,” I said. “Don’t worry,” he replied, “you’re on your own.”

I completed 6 rounds + 31 unbroken double unders. I had enough time to complete a KB swing or two but instead sat down on the box.

After coaching the 9:45 and Community WODs, I made one last attempt at a 50m sled pull, and Kelly joined me. I shaved a mere second off of my time, finishing in a time 13.6.

I was hungry, but not so hungry that I wasn’t going to complete the other programmed activity.

Time Trial
— 200 Abmat sit-ups

My goal was to complete in unbroken reps, and that’s what I did. I also completed in an even split, ensuring that I was facing the clock so that I could keep track of time. I completed 200 sit-ups in 6:16.

I wore BodyGlide; thus, I experienced no chafing of the buttocks. Rona, can you say the same?

May, in this instance “can” instead of “may”. Okay? Okay.

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