One above goal, one below goal.

I coached the 8:30, 9:45, and Community WODs this morning. I had planned on working out, and Jeff had agreed to coach, but as often happens I began coaching and, well, just couldn’t stop.

Jeff and I attended CFD’s 5th anniversary celebration. Dave is a great friend, and I’m exceedingly proud of him and his accomplishments. I got to spend time with lots of friends, including Rona, Einar, and (wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…) Amy Scott! I rested the back of my head between her breasts. And it was good.

I worked out solo this afternoon, and completed the programmed WOD.

Overhead Squat

I completed sets @ 85, 95, 105, 115, & 125#. I focused on guidance provided by GF, and OHS went smoothly.

Part A
400m time trial

I more Inov8s and ran 400m in 71 seconds. That last uphill is not fun. Oh, who am I kidding — any running is fun!

Part B
8-minute Tabata alternating dead-lifts (185/135) and rings pushups

I had completed a similar workout when I visited CF Conshy, although the weight of the dead-lifts was a mere 135#. I had completed 12 dead-lifts and 10 ring pushups a round. I’m stronger now, so I set my goal to complete 10 dead-lifts, as the weight was 50# heavier, and 15 ring pushups per round.

Yup, the score was true Tabata, i.e., lowest number of rep in any round is score.

I forgot to wear change into Chuck Taylor shoes. Dammit.

I completed 10 dead-lifts the first round, but as clock hadn’t beeped I completed 1 more for a total of 11. I thought, “That may have been a waste of energy. Time will tell.” I easily completed 15 ring pushups in about 14 seconds.

I continued to complete 11 unbroken dead-lifts, usually in 17 or 18 seconds. I continued to completed 15 unbroken ring pushups until the 7th round, and had to rest after completing 9. Dammit.

Dead-lift became increasingly more challenging, but I was nonetheless able to complete 11 reps each round, even completing the last round in 17 seconds.

I began to experience arm muscle failure, and completed last round of ring pushups in reps of 6, 5, & 3. I had just begun to lock out my elbows on the 15th rep when the timer beeped.

I don’t cheat. Thus was score was 14 for ring pushups. Dammit.

That’s 88 dead-lifts & 119 ring pushups.

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