Equipment malfunction


Another great day at CFS! I coached the 9:45 WOD and completed the 11 WOD led by Coach Jeff.

20-min AMRAP
— 24 lateral bar hops
— 2 SOTs presses (45/33)
— 4 barbell jumping air squats 
— 6 burpee pull-ups
— 24 double unders

Rest 3 4 minutes

AFAP 6-minute AMRAP 
101 Tthrusters
Complete 1 wall walk at the top of each minute

It became obvious that more than 3 minutes of rest was needed, and that few if any would be able to complete 101 thrusters. I increased rest time and changed AFAP to AMRAP. I’m just that nice. You’re welcome.

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken, and if there hadn’t been an equipment malfunction I may have been able to do so.

Okay, lateral bar hops, SOTs presses, jumping air squats, and burpee pull-ups shouldn’t — and didn’t — present any problems. It’s sometime difficult, however, to complete numerous rounds of unbroken double unders.

I worked at a steady pace. During the 4th round of double unders I had completed about 15 reps when the screw holding the handle came loose. I said, “Shit. Jeff, can you fix this?” I then began to run to the other end of the box to retrieve a jump rope but then changed my mind and retrieved one of my many Rx jump ropes.

Nope, couldn’t get a single double under after numerous attempts. The rope was too damn short. I yelled “Shit!” once again and then ran to the other end of the box and retrieved a jump rope with a green handle.

And it worked. I completed the remaining reps unbroken.

I had completed exactly 5 rounds when Jeff yelled, “Ten minutes left. You’re halfway there!” I set my goal to complete another 5 rounds.

Mark was working behind me and with a couple of minutes left on the clock said, “I’m a rep ahead of you.” I thought, “Could that be? Did I lose that much time when I putzed around with the jump rope?” I should’ve know better.

Side note: Please note that correct usage of the words “loose” and “lose”.

As there was a rather large crowd I wasn’t able to use the Speal bar, and instead completed burpee pull-ups using one of the very high inside bars.

This white man can jump.

I’m almost certain that I completed 8 instead of 6 burpee pull-ups on one or more occasions. My bad, yo.

I completed 10 rounds + 24 lateral bar hops + 2 SOTs presses + 4 burpee pull-ups.

That’s 264 lateral bar hops, 22 SOTs press, 44 jumping air squats, 64 burpee pull-ups, and 240 double unders.

We rested 4 minutes.

I love wall crawls. I don’t love thrusters. I completed 15 thrusters the first minute but only managed to complete a total of 55 @ 75#, a little more than 50% of body weight.

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