Today’s was “An Eighties Halloween” at CFS, and what a fun day it was! I had the honor and privilege of partnering with Lauren, aka Lurleen Lumpkin, during the 7:30 am WOD. She’s an exceedingly strong athlete, and for the most part we were evenly matched.

For the most part.

She crushed me on the shoulder to overhead. I kinda crushed her on the run.

In teams of 2 or 3 complete 80 (teams or 2) or 81 (teams of 3) reps of the following:
— Shoulder to overhead (95/63)
— SDHP (95/63)

— Weighted lunges (45/33)
— KB swings (52/35)

— Abmat sit-ups
— Abmat back extensions
— Stiff-legged dead-lifts (95/63)
— 800m plate carry with partner(s) running together (25/15) 

Thus we both completed 40 reps of the activities and ran 800m together.

I said, “Lurleen, after all of the ring dips, skin the cats, and ring pull-ups that I completed yesterday, the shoulder to overhead is going to be tough for me. You have been warned.” Lauren began and completed 10 push jerks and I did the same. She again completed 10 push jerks and I again did the same. She completed 10 push jerks.

And I did not.

I completed 5 or 6 (I can’t recall exactly). In other words, I couldn’t keep up with her. Dammit.

We completed the remainder of the activities in sets of 10 reps, if memory serves me. Our exchanges were quick, i.e., I immediately began when she finished and she immediately began when I finished a round.

Running after completing stiff-legged dead-lifts is never fun. Holding a plate while doing so is even less fun. Running with me had to be miserable. Sorry, Lauren!

As we began the run I said, “You set the pace.” I kind of let her do so for the first 400m, but then kind of pushed her the last 400m. I even encouraged her to draft off of me if for no other reason than to give her my nice ass to look at something else to focus on, namely my shapely ass foot strikes.

We finished in 22:39, the fastest time of the day, yo.

Coach Chris was kind enough to lead the 5:15 session. Thanks, Coach Chris! You guessed it, I completed the workout a second time, partnering with new member Jason. I had no desire to complete as prescribed, so with the exception of KB swings I lifted the same weight as chosen by Jason: 65# for shoulder to overhead and 75# for SDHP and dead-lifts. Jason used a 35# I used a 44# KB.

Everything felt much lighter. Jason had very little time to rest. I did, however, truly let him set the pace for the 800m run. We recorded one of the slowest times of the day, and that’s okay.

I can be a very patient person. When I want to be.

Lauren to the far left. USA!
Lauren to the far left. USA!
Me and Stephen finishing our run.
Me and Stephen finishing our run.
The 6:15 crew.
The 6:15 crew.

2 thoughts on “Lurleen!

  1. Today was probably one of favorite days thus far at cfs! I couldn’t wait to see the different outfits from each session. The workout may have been challenging, but it was very fun. Happy 80’s Halloween!

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