A weakness…


Short blog today, yo.

I led both of the sessions today, as Jeff completed the 9:45 WOD and then completed accessory work for Barbell Club. As I completed 25, 8″ negative handstand pushups  just yesterday and as I’m competent at rope climbs and climbing the pull-up rig, I didn’t feel the need to complete programmed WOD.

I did get a certain itch, however.

I wanted to see if I could achieve a 1RM negative HSPU, as my previous was 12″. During athlete rest time I did just that, first completing a 14″, then a 16″ and finally a 17″ negative HSPU. The applause (inside my head) was resounding!

The most difficult part of completing negative HSPUs is properly positioning the hands so that pressure is not placed upon the wrists. Once I figured that out, the rest was much easier than I thought it was going to be.

All but Lauren and Glenda had completed programmed sled pulls, so I joined them for the very last round of the day.

Sled pull
Forward 25m and then backwards 25m with body weight

I placed 145# on sled, more than body weight and even more so if weight of sled is included. I did a shitty job of transitioning from forward to backwards pulling on both rounds, but nonetheless completed in times of 29 and 3o seconds. My legs were jelly.

I then led the second day of Accelerated Foundations. We have some awesome members, and Lisa, Stuart, and Carl will fit right in!

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