Butterfly Kisses

Well, not kisses. Butterfly pull-ups!

I set a goal to learn how to complete butterfly kipping pull-ups before I turn the Big Five Oh in 29 days. I had watched a tutorial by Speal and given it a try.

And failed.

Yesterday I viewed a series of 3 tutorials from Carl Paoli posted on Gymnastics WOD.

And I succeeded.

I need to remind myself that, as a coach, different cues work for different people. Different strokes for different folks. To move the world. (Uhm, I thought the lyrics were to rule the world. I was surprised upon searching for lyrics to discover the lyrics are actually to move the world. I’m not the least bit egocentric. Or maniacal.)

I know the difference between cue and queue. Do you?

Oh, I also de-loaded power clean, completing 5 reps @ 85, 95, & 100#. Power cleans felt wonderful, and I didn’t jump a single time.

That was yesterday. I spent most of today feeling sore. After running errands and completing tasks most of the morning, I settled down for a long Autumn nap. I then returned to the box and practiced, you guessed it, kipping butterfly pull-ups.

20-min AMRAP
— 3 butterfly pull-ups
— 5 ring pushups with feet elevated on 24″ box
— 7 GHD sit-ups
— 30 unbroken double unders

I took it somewhat easy today, making sure not to push myself too hard or too fast. I completed all rounds of pull-ups, pushups, and sit-ups unbroken. I missed the 9th rep of the 5th round of double unders, but managed to redo and complete that and remaining rounds unbroken.

Until the last few seconds. I had but 20 seconds remaining on the clock to finish a round. I began too quickly and missed the 11th rep. I started over and had only completed 21 when the clock sounded.

I completed 13 reps + 36 reps.


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