Things don’t always go as planned.

Subtitle: I Hate Math.

Today’s WOD at CFS was called “Tons” of fun. And it was! Well, kind of. All except for E’s mixed box jump. More in a moment.

I worked out with the 9:45 athletes. Both sessions were very well attended. I may need to buy more barbells and plates. That’s a good thing!

Dead-lift 10,000#
Squat 7,500#
Shoulder to overhead 5,000#
Ground to overhead 2,500#
Run 2 miles
100 box jumps, 30″

Women’s weights were 8,000, 6,500, 4,000, and 1,750 and box jump height was 24″.

I created a spreadsheet with lifts, weights, and reps. I didn’t, however, bring a printed copy with me. Dammit. I transcribed on Post-it note. BIG mistake.

DL | 225 | 44.5 | 45 reps
BS | 135 | 55.55 |  56 reps
S2O | 85 | 58.82 | 59 reps
G2O | 65 | 38.46 | 39 reps

Notice how many back squats were required — a mere 56. This becomes important in a moment.

I have a knot in my back, my neck hurts, and my right wrist is still very sore from failed front squat. Jeff was kind enough to allow me to borrow wrist wraps.

As I expected would happen, athletes had to share bars and racks. I partnered with S. We briefly discussed our plans, e.g., we both started with an 800m run.

Running is fun! I returned to the box and completed 45 dead-lifts in reps of between 5 and 10. I wanted to complete push jerks next, but S. was still using the rack. I completed 50 box jumps and ran another 800m. S. allowed me to use the rack, and I completed 20 back squats. Heavy.

I do believe that S. got a little confused, as he used the bar on the rack to complete 45# snatches, i.e., he didn’t strip the weight off of the dead-lift bar and use for ground to overhead. And that’s okay. It’s CrossFit, so expect the unexpected. Right? Right? Right.

I grabbed a 15# training bar and added 25# plates, and completed most of the power snatches.

The rest is somewhat of a blur in that I cannot remember the order the I completed the activities and/or the number of reps in most sets.

And then this happened…

I had just come back from my third 800m run when I noticed Jeff assisting E. I wasn’t sure what had happened. I stepped up to the rack and Jeff called, “Paul, I need your help!” E. had missed a box jump. Uhm, really missed it. She was bleeding. I ran to get some ice, returned to assist (along with J. who had come to the rescue). Someone had already gotten ice. Jeff lifted up her pant leg to see extent of cut.

And I think I may have seen bone.

I felt a tremendous urge to hurl my cookies. I looked around for T., Evelyn’s BFF and ride home, and he was nowhere to be found. This could only mean one thing: he was running. I ran to get him.

I ran 100m and didn’t see him. I ran to the 200m mark and passed another athlete (Melinda, I think?) and asked, “Is T. running behind you?” She replied, “Yes.” I picked up the pace. I finally found him past the 300m mark and informed him that E. was injured and needed a ride to the hospital.

And I kept running past him. I ran to the 400m turnaround, looked around to make sure no one could see me, and I threw up. Gross, I know. I just couldn’t get the image of E.’s injured leg out of my mind. I paused a moment and then ran back. By this time T. and E. had left for the emergency room. (T. and I spent the morning texting. E. has 9 stitches, but as she is a trooper she seems to be fine.)

My notes were getting messy. I was having a difficult time reading my notes and/or recalling number of reps. I knew that I had completed all dead-lifts, power snatches, and mile run, 65 box jumps, 30 push jerks, and 45 back squats. As S. was using the rack, I placed 20# on barbell that I had been using for snatches, and cleaned the bar and then push jerked. I completed push jerks. S. was still using the rack, so I completed remaining box jumps.

My notes had become so messy that I couldn’t see how many back squats I needed to complete, only that I had completed 45. I grabbed a calculator and divided 10,000 by 135. The calculator read 74.07. Do you see the glaringly obvious mistake that I made? I used the weight for dead-lifts, 10,000#, and not the weight for back squats, 7,500#. Thus, I reality I only had 11 back squat remaining. The clock read 49 minutes. I completed remaining reps in sets of 5. I kept glancing at the calculator and even remember thinking, “I don’t recall any of my calculations ending in .07. That’s weird. Nonetheless, I’m going to have to round up and complete 75 reps.”

And I did. Thus, I completed 19 additional back squats. Dammit. I back squatted 10,000# Dammit.

My finishing time was 54:06. The total weight I lifted today was 47,500 or 23.75 tons.

And I didn’t miss a single box jump.

I’m tempted to say that I completed this Rx+. But I won’t.


One thought on “Things don’t always go as planned.

  1. I am very sorry my wound made you ill, it was ugly to say the least. I now understand why thy kept telling me not to look. Thankfully, we have a wonderful group of athletes and coaches that quickly assisted me. I would say the worst part was getting poking with the needle to numb it before stitches.

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