These are but two of my favorite things

What a morning. I dropped my laptop yet again, only this time it appears to be irreparable. Good thing I have a spare Mac (as everyone should).

I had planned on completing the 50 OHS as programmed, but my right wrist is still somewhat sore. I’ll consider this a rest day from lifting.

Uhm, yeah, so I listened to Christmas music while completing the metcon. My favorite will always be Bing’s and David’s version of Little Drummer Boy. I detest any tune by Trans Siberian Orchestra or Mannheim Steamroller. Two stupid names for 2 shitty artists.

American KB swings (52/35) (60, bitches)

That’s 84 reps of both activities.

I haven’t swung a heavy kettle bell in a very long time, so I decided to do just that today. I had forgotten just how heavy a 60# KB can feel.

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. That didn’t happen. It almost happened. Nonetheless, it didn’t happen. But it almost happened.

I completed all but the round of 18 KB swings unbroken, breaking that set into reps of 12 & 6. Did I mention that the 60# KB felt heavy? It did.

My thoughts are always focused on the workout, and today was no exception. For example, at no time during any round of burpees did it even cross my mind to pause. I merely needed to count.

However, during rounds of KB swings I often had to truly talk myself into completing round. I obviously was unsuccessful doing so during the round of 18. As often happens, my mind focuses on the rep that will be the last rep of the next round, e.g., the 12th rep of the 15th round. I think, “I don’t know if I can make it past 12 this round. I know it’s just 3 more reps, but I don’t know if I can make it. Okay, that’s the 12th rep. Thirteen, 14, 15.”

If only I hadn’t paused during the round of 18 I could’ve completed the workout in under 10 minutes. Dammit.

Time = 10:03

I picked up a very late lunch from Panera. I was wearing my CFS shirt and the often-seen manager asked, “Do you work out at CrossFit?” “I own it,” I replied. Yup, I said that. He said, “I’ve heard quite a few customers say how much they like CrossFit Surmount.” That was nice to hear. We continued our conversation, and I made sure to give him a Free Visit Card.

I’m just that nice.


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