Wall crawling

I coached the awesome 7am Boot Campers, took Luke for a long walk, had lunch with my good friend, Dave, napped with Luke, Meg, & Zac, mopped the floor at CFS, and then completed the following.

1-2-3…8-9-10 shuttle sprints & wall crawls
5-10-15…40-45-50 air squats

Confused? Don’t be. A sprint from blue wall to grey wall and back counted as 1 shuttle sprint. Thus, first round was shuttle sprint from blue wall to grey wall and back, 1 wall crawl, and 5 air squats.

My right wrist is still somewhat sore, so perhaps completing wall crawls wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I wore wrist wraps, and for the most part my right wrist felt fine. Walking up the wall, however, was easier on my wrist than walking down the wall.

While not lofty, my goal was to complete all rounds of air squats unbroken. Uhm, it should be a given that shuttle sprints would be done unbroken, and I most certainly didn’t want to set a goal to complete wall crawls unbroken. Maybe I’m smarter than you think.

This took a looooong time, and I’m glad that I gave it a try before programming. I’ve since modified in that athletes will only complete 1 wall crawl per round. I’m just that nice. You can thank me when you see me.

I set up markers at opposites sides of the box, by the blue and grey walls. It’s about 56′ sprint from wall to wall to wall to wall. I’m not even going to attempt to do the math. Someone please do it for me, i.e., meters and mileage.

Sprinting after squatting is never easy, and today was no exception. Wall crawls are never easy, but all wall crawls went reasonably well, i.e., my chest touched the wall, my hands were near the wall, and I walked down as well as up the wall. I also completed the first 6 rounds unbroken, and even completed the first 5 reps of the last round unbroken.

Time = 21:58

I had to push through the last round of 50 air squats to finish in just under 22 minutes.

That’s 55 wall crawls and shuttle sprints (3,080’/.58 mi <– I did math!) and 275 air squats.

Doreen once again led an incredibly wonderful yoga session. Unfortunately, I was a wee bit sore from massage and workout, and wasn’t able to get into quite a few of the poses. My Boot Campers than full-time members attend yoga. Boot Campers are smart.

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