I just had to give it a try.

I’ll admit that I was slightly upset that I only got to program — and not complete — yesterday’s “Competitor” metcon. I was biting at the bit to do so.

I worked out at 1 pm.

5-min AMRAP ladder
Power snatch, 75#
Barbell facing burpee & lateral bar hop

Rest 1 minute

10-min AMRAP
5 box jumps, 24″
5 American KB swings, 52
5 slam balls, 30#

Wow, this was tough. I completed 6 rounds + 11 reps (i.e., 7 power snatches and 4 barbell facing burpees & bar hops) of the ladder and 13 rounds + 10 reps of the AMRAP.

Power snatches felt surprisingly light. I love burpees as much as I love running. That’s a tremendous amount.

I worked continuously during the 10-min AMRAP, and paused only to move a poker chip. I had completed 7 rounds in a time of 5:10, so I had a close to even split.

Uhm, yeah, so that’s 70 box jumps & KB swings and 65 slam balls.

I very much wanted to complete today’s metcon, and Jeff was kind enough to lead the metcon during the 5:15 session. Thanks, Jeff!

14-min AMRAP
Cash in 500m row
7 man makers
14 Abmat sit-ups
14 Abmat back extensions

What a fun workout this was! I rowed 500m in 1:53. Most importantly, I did so averaging 22 strokes/minute. I was thus able to quickly transition to man makers.

Uhm, yeah, so I settled on 35# dumbbells. Do the math: 35+35 = 70. That’s half of my body weight.

Things went smoothly. The weight of the dumbbells began to feel progressively heavier while completing any round of 7 reps, and significantly heavier as the workout progressed. Imagine that! That’s science. Or math. Or physics. Or something like that.

I wanted to completed 4 rounds, and was able to do so. I did, however, push myself a little too hard during the 5th round of man makers in that I missed the 5th rep of the set, i.e., I was unable to lock out arms (left arm, specifically). I redid the thruster and continued.

I completed 4 rounds + 17 reps (7 man makers and 10 Abmat sit-ups).

I enjoyed the workout so much that I wanted to do it again with the 6:30 session! Jeff wouldn’t let me do so. Dammit.

One thought on “I just had to give it a try.

  1. Have you ever completed uphill Amanda?
    9 full squat snatch 95lbs
    9 pull ups
    7 full squat snatch 135lbs
    7 chest to bar pull ups
    5 full squat snatch 155lbs
    5 muscle ups

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