I didn’t see that one coming…

I arrived at the box ready to coach. Coach Chris asked, “Did you get a picture of yesterday’s WOD? Is it okay to erase?” I said, “Yes, I posted on Facebook.” I thought, “Why is Chris asking?” He then asked, “What’s a good warm up for today?” I thought, “He’ll see the warm up in a moment. Why is he asking?” I nonetheless answered his question.

Uhm, yeah, so Chris was acting like the coach because he was coaching the 6am session. Ha! We had discussed this and I agreed to cover the 4pm session for him. I don’t have the best memory.

I wasn’t, however, prepared to work out at 6am as I was certainly feeling yesterday’s 4 workouts. When in Rome…

Complete UP to 11 rounds of UNBROKEN reps:
11 weighted air squats (45/33#)
10 wall ball shots (20/14# & 10′/9′ target)
9 pushups
8 box jumps (24/20″)
7 KB swings (52/35#)
6 pull-ups

I once again stationed myself at the far end of the box, as I know I can be a distraction.

I’ll begin by saying I was most definitely the loudest one in the box this morning. Or maybe I just couldn’t hear the grunting and swearing over my own. (Let me know, 6amers!)

My goals were to complete 11 rounds and to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. That’s a lot harder than it may sound. I knew the key was to rest as needed for as long as needed.

I’m Paul. I’m awesome. I scaled up.

Complete UP to 11 rounds of UNBROKEN reps:
11 weighted jumping air squats (45#)
10 wall ball shots (20# & 10′ target)
9 pushups negative pushups (45# plates)
8 box jumps (30″)
7 KB swings (52#)
6 pull-ups

1479068_581909045207754_2032487605_nI set aside 11 poker chips and began. Nate and Emily were stationed closest to me. Nate and Emily are strong, and I enjoyed working out beside the two of them.

I completed all rounds of unbroken reps in that I had no failed reps. Whew. I almost had a failed rep during 10th round of wall ball shots in that the ball almost slipped out of my hands after the 7th rep. I really had to work hard to keep a hold of it. The ball was sweaty. That’s all that I’ll say about that.

Not too surprisingly, jumping air squats, well, hurt. During the last rounds I found myself counting down from instead of up to 11. That seemed to help.

I most dreaded the rounds of wall ball shots, given just how many damn wall ball shots I completed yesterday. I was exceedingly pleased with my performance today, and can honestly say that every rep counted.

Negative pushups presented little challenge, and I didn’t struggle completing any reps.

The first of the box jumps was always a challenge. Lots of folks have been missing box jumps as of late, and I didn’t want to be one of them. Keep in mind that 30″ is nearly half of my height.

At one time during the workout I stood atop the box after the last rep and shouted, “I’m the king of the world!” I don’t think anyone was amused. I was.

KB swings presented little challenge as well, and I began each round with a good rep, i.e., I didn’t complete a half swing first. I also snatched and pressed the KB overhead for the majority of the reps.

Pull-ups presented the least challenge, as I only had to complete 6 at a time. I didn’t complete any butterfly pull-ups today. I didn’t have to. So, there.

During the 7th or 8th round it dawned on me that it would be a struggle to complete all 11 rounds. I convinced myself that it didn’t matter if I wasn’t able to do so, as I feared that if I got caught up in completing 11 rounds that I’d rush and not rest enough — and then fail reps. I certainly wasn’t willing to take that risk.

Coach Chris did an excellent job of coaching and leading the session! He even said to me, “Paul, you are stupendous. A true marvel of nature. You are both fabulous and abulous. It’s no wonder that people admire you so.” I may be paraphrasing.

Coach Chris was counting down the time. I had less than 3 minute to finish the last round, so I knew that I’d have to pick up the pace. Eleven jumping airs squats, 10 wall ball shots, 9 negative pushups, 8 box jumps, 7 KB swings, 6 pull-ups, fiiiiiive golden rings!

I yelled “Time!” at 34:48. Just 12 seconds to spare. I yelled, “F@ck!” I honestly thought I was going to hurl, so I ran outside and stood in the cool rain. That was nice.

I truly enjoy working out with others!

I sat down on a box, completely exhausted, and said, “My vagina hurts.” Yes, I said that.

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