Last night I dreamt…

…of dead-lifting. Thus, I was happy that today’s WOD at CrossFit Coastal included dead-lifts! First, thanks to Zeke for allowing us to attend! Unannounced, I might add. You must visit CFS, Zeke. I mean it. You know you want to.

1461607_10151804285732196_9186196_nWe worked out at 10:30 am with our very good friend, Kelly, and her daughter Ameron. Kelly is a coach at CFC, and led the Tabata warmup that consisted of 4 rounds (2 minutes) or jumping jacks, air squats, plank hold (I held for the 2 minutes), and mountain climbers. We then prepared for the workout. Kelly, sadly, did not lead [insert frown face here], but instead partnered with Ameron.

The box was mighty cold, and my toes remained numb during the entire workout. That made box jumps particularly challenging.

EMOTM for 5 minutes
12 KB swings

I faced Jeff and he & I both used a 52# kettle bell. We also snatched and then pressed said kettle bell. We immediately began the rest of the workout, although as it usually took both of us about 20 seconds to complete KB swings we did get to rest 40 seconds before beginning the next part of the workout.

28-min AMRAP
5 dead-lifts (255#)
13 hand release pushups
9 box jumps, 24″

Uhm, this was somewhat of a partner WOD. Uhm, this wasn’t really a partner WOD. I began working first, and as soon as I was finished with dead-lifts Jeff began. I then completed HRPUs and box jumps. The only rule was that we couldn’t pass each other, i.e., I couldn’t complete an activity until Jeff had done so.

Poor Jeff. I quickly caught up with him, and got to rest quite frequently. He, however, didn’t get any rest. My goal was to complete all rounds of activities unbroken, but failed to do so in that I didn’t extend at the top of one of the earlier box jumps. I did, however, rebound from the floor for all box jumps. I also completed all rounds of HRPUs unbroken (and rather fast). Completing 5 dead-lifts presented little challenge (and I kinda sorta wished we had dead-lifted 275#).

I completed 15 rounds + 3 dead-lifts while Jeff completed 13 rounds + 5 dead-lifts, i.e., he stopped working when he had completed 5th dead-lift at the start of his 14th round. See how that works? I’m good at math.

Total reps:
80 dead-lifts
195 HRPUs
135 box jumps

And I hardly felt winded. True story. I even felt somewhat guilty for consuming so much during Thanksgiving lunch. That was 2 and a half hours ago, and I’m already hungry.

Brussels sprouts!

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