Goodbye, 2013!

photo-9I’ve been quite busy preparing for the new year; thus, no blog yesterday. I did, of course, work out.

Establish 1RM

Lifts were going well until 145#, when I felt a slight pain in my right thumb. I’m not going to risk re-injury, so I called it a day.

“Death by Cleaning” 
Complete 1 clean on the first minute, 2 on the second minute, 3 on the third minute, etc., until you are no longer able to complete required reps within the minute.

I settled on 85#. Yup, light, but my goal was to not re-injure wrist. I began each round with a power clean and then completed remaining reps as hang power cleans. I made it through round 16 completing unbroken reps. That shit got heavy.

I made it through round 19 with just 3 seconds to spare. I didn’t even attempt 20. That’s 190 cleans. My right clavicle protrudes, and is now very bruised.

I worked out at 1pm this afternoon, completing the conditioning that was programmed.

20:13 AMRAP
100 sprinting single unders (50/leg)
5 sots presses (45)
13 ring dips

My goal was to completed sprinting single unders and sots presses unbroken. I missed the 41st rep of the 4th set of sus. I also rose out of the squat for the 1st rep of last round of sots presses, so I re-did. So close.

I began by completing ring dips in reps of 5, 5, & 3, and did so for the first 6 or 7 rounds. As I was feeling strong, I increased reps to 6, 7, & and much as 8 during the last rounds.

Score = 10 rounds + 42 single unders; 1,042 single unders, 50 sots presses, and 130 ring dips. Sheesh. That’s a considerable amount of work, yo.

Most of the sessions at CrossFit Surmount have been full (to sometimes overflowing), particularly the 11:45 session — 16 today and 17 yesterday! Jaclyn was the only person to attend the 5:15 session today, so I completed planks with her.

2-min 70# weighted plank
2-min 1-armed plank
1-min 1-armed & 1-legged plank
1- min wall plank
19 alternating arm planks in 1 minute

Trophy Husband redux


I had planned on a different workout, but decided at the last minute to work out with the 9:45 am athletes. I good time was had by all me!

EMOTM for 30 minutes
— 1 dead-lift @ 75% of 1RM (275#)
— 2 HSPUs
— 3 chest to bar pull-ups
— 4 toes to bar

Yup, I just completed this workout a mere 3 days ago. I completed HSPUs as prescribed, i.e., not negative HSPUs. (Is that a double negative?) My goal once again was to complete all rounds unbroken.

I really had no idea how this was going to go today. As Steve D. and I were both dead-lifting 275#, we shared a bar. I began all (but the first) rounds at 10 seconds after the minute.

For whatever reason, dead-lifts felt lighter today. I nonetheless began grunting at the top of each lift. HSPUs went very smoothly today, and I had no  failed reps. Yup, full extension and my feet remained on the wall.

I used a inner bar on the pull-up rig for chest to bar pull-ups and toes to bar. Again, and for whatever reason, both pull-ups and toes to bar went smoothly. Again, no failed reps, and all rounds were completed with unbroken reps. I also immediately transitioned from pull-ups to toes to bar. That saved a considerable amount of time.

The following is round number and time:

1-27 (slowest round)

I completed rounds much more quickly today than I did Thursday. Could it be because this felt more like a competition? Perhaps.

Total time = 11:12

That’s almost 3 minutes faster than previous time of 14:08.

*Someone got in my way and I couldn’t start HSPUs. And that’s okay.


Me, myself, & I

What a muddy mess.

I forgot to blog yesterday.

I attempted a thruster, but felt wrist pain. I’m not going to risk re-injuring myself. I did complete the conditioning.

— 200m carry or pull 
— 15 hand release pushups
— Run 1K
— 5 wall crawls

As I suggested that males pull 75% of body weight, that’s what I did, and 105# felt heavy. I mistakenly chose to pull sled from box across gravel parking lot and over muddy mulch through gate, and then to 100m mark and back. The sled got stuck twice. Dammit. That really slowed me down.

A trail of mud, mulch, gravel, and tears. Mostly tears.

Both rounds of HRPUs and wall crawls were completed unbroken and rather quickly. You’re welcome. Running is usually a pleasure, but after having pulled the sled, running was somewhat laborious.

Time – 18:43. Rona, May, and Jay had a contest to see who could guess the closest to my finishing time, and Jay won! May and Rona, you owe Jay 50 burpees.

The landlord was kind enough to allow me to use the Gator to transport plates and sleds to the 100m mark. Luke enjoyed riding with me. He’s a very funny dog.

I worked out with the 8:30 am athletes today. And Thom. It was a team WOD and, as was to be expected, I completed solo.

And all teams kicked my ass.

Team WOD
In teams of 2, 3, or 4, cComplete the following for time:
— Run 1,600m
— Row 1,600m
— 100 6-count burpees
— 100 wall ball shots
— 200 Abmat sit-ups
— 200 Abmat back extensions


The activities could be done in any order, but once you began and activity you had to finish that activity. I decided to begin with 6-count burpees and end with running. My 1 and only goal was to complete all 100 burpees unbroken. And I did that. I paced myself, though, and didn’t concern myself with what the other teams were doing. During most activities, Blythe, Gina, and Danielle were to my left, and Steve D. and Thom were directly across from me.

I completed 100 burpees in 7:59. Certainly not blazingly fast, but I wanted to leave a little something in the tank.

The clock read 18:02 after having completed 200 Abmat sit-ups. Don’t make me do math. That’s 10 minutes, right? Sit-ups were painful today, and while I began with 50 unbroken, I often completed a mere 10 at a time.

I rowed next, and completed rowing 1600m when the clock read 25:39. I took me 6:36 to row that distance. I averaged just 21 strokes/minutes. It’s all about the pacing.

I moved to Abmat to do back extensions and thought, “Just get the wall ball shots out of the way.” So that’s what I did. I completed in reps of 5 or 10, and did complete the last 10 unbroken. I did miss 2 wall ball shots and yes, I did re-do. I completed wall ball shots when the clock read 34:06. Wall  ball shots were by far the most difficult of the activities.

Two hundred back extensions in rounds of 50 unbroken reps. That freaking hurt. I didn’t record my finishing time.

Another painful mile. Gah! The weather was beautiful, and the run was quite enjoyable.

I arrived back at the box and the clock read 46:31. The crowd broke out into thunderous and well-deserved  round of applause!

Oh, that reminds me. Whilst doing wall ball shots Rona said, “Great job, Paul!” I replied, “F@ck you, Rona!” We both laughed.

I hate to be cheered for.

Trophy Husband

photo-9Note to self: Do not work out within an hour of eating at Spark’s. I enjoyed the beef brisket and fried okra winfrey, but I almost hurled whilst upside-down. Almost.

It’s no secret that I like EMOTM WODs.

EMOTM for 30 minutes
— 1 dead-lift @ 75% of 1RM (275#)
— 2 negative HSPUs (3″)
— 3 chest to bar pull-ups
— 4 toes to bar

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken. No surprise there, right?

First, dead-lifts felt heavy, but I had no missed lifts. Two hundred seventy-five pounds is almost twice my body weight. I dead-lifted 8,250#. That’s 8.25 tons. Be impressed.

My wrist is almost completely healed, and HSPUs went swimmingly today. No missed attempts.

What, chest to bar pull-ups just a day after completing dead-hang pull-ups? Why the hell not? Again, no missed attempts.

I immediately transitioned from pull-ups to toes to bar, and this is the first time I recall doing so as part of a WOD. It certainly took some getting used to. I did lose focus on the 21st round and did not immediately transition to toes to bar. I’m not perfect, folks. Not yet. All chest to bar pull-ups were done unbroken, as were toes to bar.

The following is round number and time:


I started off slowly and ended blazingly fast. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to complete a round in 25 seconds or less, but when I finally did by the 29th round I set a goal for my last round to be my fastest. And it was.

Total time = 14:08

Ho, ho, yo.

Luke's BFF Wilson puts Luke in a headlock position.
Luke’s BFF Wilson puts Luke in a headlock position.

Jeff and I shared a wonderful day together, including a breakfast of homemade blueberry waffles and lunch with Brenda & Larry. Luke got to play with his BFF Wilson! I napped ever so briefly during “A Christmas Story” and dreamed of working out. Yup, I dream of working out.

I did so at 4 pm and, as planned, completing tomorrow’s programmed workout.

9-min AMRAP
— 5 strict presses (50 to 60% of 1RM)
— 10 air squats
— 15 Abmat sit-ups

Rest 2 minutes

9-min AMRAP
— 5 strict, dead-hang pull-ups
— 10 box jumps (24/20)
— 15 bent over rows 

Each round = 30 pts; total score = total number of reps.

Nine minutes was more than enough time for both of the AMRAPs, and I was quite winded when all was said and done. I used 75#, which is 60% of press 1RM. I briefly contemplated lifting 80#, but was happy that I didn’t when I began completing bent over rows. I completed weighted air squats and 30″ box jumps.

My goal was to complete all but dead-hang pull-ups in unbroken reps. Let’s be realistic: continuous rounds of 5 dead-hang pull-ups with no rest between rounds is far too lofty of a goal.

I did complete all rounds of presses, weighted air squats, and sit-ups unbroken. After having completed V-ups yesterday, sit-ups were less than fun today. Far less than fun. Miserable, really.

I completed the first round of pull-ups unbroken, the second round in reps of 4 & 1, the third round in reps of 3 & 2, the fourth round in reps of 2, 2, & 1, the fifth round in reps of 2, 1, 1, & 1, and the last full round in singles. Yup, singles.

I got all up inside my head for box jumps, as I was concerned that I’d scrape my still-not-completely-healed right shin. I remained focused and didn’t have any failed attempts. Whew.

Completing 15 unbroken bent over rows, however, did present quite a challenge. I was up for the challenge. Done.

I completed 7 + 11 & 6 + 1; thus, my total score = 402.

That’s a lot of lunges.

photo-6I worked out at 9:30. It’s been a full house at CrossFit Surmount so far today, and there’s but one session left! I hope the workout was grueling enough that folks won’t feel so guilty for overindulging.

Back Squat (low bar or high bar)

I completed sets @ 155, 165, 175, 185, and 200#, 85% of 1RM. As is the norm, I recorded and reviewed all lifts. That last rep @ 200# felt heavy.

Weighted reverse lunges (75/63) & V-ups
Complete 24 lateral bar hops between all rounds

The workout was modified from what was originally posted. Uhm, I may not have thought that one through, as with large sessions there certainly isn’t enough room to sprint when there are barbells spread on the flo’.

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, and I’m happy to report that I did just that. The rounds of 12 and then 10 and 8 when descending were tough, and my legs felt like jelly. Keep in mind that lunges were per leg, e.g., 12 lunges per leg not 12 lunges total. Who comes up with this shit?

Time = 12:57

Recently an acquaintance from high school and now former Facebook friend suggested that I “overplay” my fitness. Ha! What an ass. That’d be like me suggesting that that person “overplays” their children. “Would you mind not posting so many things about your children?” I shall continue to tell the entire f@cking world about not only my fitness, but my family, my friends, and my thoughts and feelings. You’re welcome.

‘Twas a fun WOD!

I worked out after coaching the wonderful Boot Campers! I was, however, running somewhat on empty, as I didn’t have a very restful night of sleep. That’s unusual for me. It may have been the coffee that I drank at the de Leons. Yup, that was probably it. I’ll blame May Jay.

EMOTM f0r 10 minutes
1 press, 1 push press, & 1 push jerk (or split jerk)

Begin at 50 to 60% of press 1RM and add weight as the workout progresses — and form improves.

I began with 65#, 50% of 125#, and increased weight by 5# each minute. Uhm, and I completed more than 10 rounds. My last round was 120#, 95% of press 1RM.

And it was good. Yeah!

15-minute AMRAP
Cash in with fast 250m row
40 double unders
30-second 1-legged plank holds
10 sumo dead-lift high pulls (105/68)

Having witnessed folks complete the workout during the 6 and 7:15 am sessions, I kinda sorta knew what to expect. Kinda. Sorta.

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. And that didn’t happen. Damn double unders.

I rowed 250m in 48.8, and was quite winded when I mistakenly attempted double unders. The first round was a big, sloppy mess. Gah! It took me for what seemed like forever to complete all 40 double unders. The 30-second plank hold presented little challenge, and I completed 10 unbroken SDHPs. I will state that 105 felt heavy.

Double unders significantly improved as the workout progressed, and I completed 4 of the rounds unbroken. That was a relief. I completed all 30-second 1-legged plank holds unbroken, as I should’ve been able to easily do. Uhm, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be.

I was most pleased that I completed all rounds of 10 SDHPs unbroken. Yup, I did that.

Total = 7 rounds + 10 double unders.

The Grinch 2013

The socks are a bday gift from my very good friends, The Burkes!
The socks are a bday gift from my very good friends, The Burkes!


I woke up with very sore lats. I wonder why that was? Uhm, 230 pull-ups in a span of less than 24 hours will do that to a person. Even me.

I was nonetheless very excited about revisiting “The Grinch” at CrossFit Surmount. I completed this WOD last year in a time of 17:10. I didn’t, however, recall the time and it was only until Einar informed me of my finishing time post-WOD that I realized, well, just how awesome I am. Modestly awesome, I should say. And awesomely modest.

“The Grinch”
12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of the following for time:
Dead-lifts (225/185)
Ring dips
Wall ball shots (20/14)

My dead-lift form has improved dramatically over the years, so I decided to dead-lift 245# today. Unassisted ring dips and 20# wall ball shots are manageable. I don’t know that I’d ever want to scale up to muscle ups or even skin the cats based solely on the number of reps. A heavier wall ball might be in order.

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. The medicine ball became very sweaty, and I lost a hold of the ball during one of the earlier rounds. Dammit. I completed dead-lifts and ring dips unbroken.

Many of my very good friends, most of them nurses Filipinos, were there, including Rowna, Einar, Jay, and May! (Before you get all upset, it’s an inside joke. Those who know me well know I’m anything but racist. Okay? Okay.)

Uhm, yeah, so Einar thought he’d race me. Ha! Perhaps that makes him a racist! He did finish the round of 12 slightly ahead of me.

And. That. Was. All. Love you, Einar! Mean it!

I worked at a steady pace, and rested when needed. It was unseasonably warm and very humid at the box this morning, so much so that, in addition to the medicine balls, the floor and even barbells were coated in a layer of moisture.

I finished in a time of 16:58 — a PR! And Rx+ at that!

That’s 78 dead-lifts, ring dips, and wall ball shots.

I timed that one just right…

I wanted to practice power snatches, but was unable to complete strength with either session as, once again, the house be packed, yo. Uhm, 20 athletes at 9:45 session!

I was able to complete the conditioning during the 8:30 session, and Jeff was kind enough to coach.

Yeah, so, like I completed 120 burpees and pull-ups just yesterday. Yeah, so, like I perhaps shouldn’t have completed today’s conditioning. Yeah, so,  like I really wanted to do this workout, so I did.

22-min AMRAP
Run 400m
12 burpees

Maximum number of pull-ups

Like yesterday, I touched a pull-up bar that was a little more than 4″ above my highest reach at the end of each burpee. I set no goal for number of pull-ups, as I feared I might overdo it and perhaps hurt myself.

I’m smart like that.

I did, of course, set a realistic goal to run first 400m in less than 90 seconds and to complete all rounds of burpees unbroken.

Chris had claimed the Speal bar, so I completed pull-ups on one of the regular bars. In all honesty, I can tell no difference. I also set a pumice stone beside my paper and pen. I was good to go.

The timer began, and I got an elbow from both of the Donovans, Brad and Alex! Ha! I said, “You little shits,” and took off, with Alex not far behind. It’s nice to run with others. For that matter, it’s very nice to work out with others! I glanced at the clock upon my return to the box and it read 1:26. Nice. That’s a sub 6-min mile pace. I completed 12 unbroken burpees and then easily completed 20 unbroken, i.e., not even a pause at the bottom of the rep, pull-ups. No fatigue, no muscle failure. Good.

I ran another 400m, and just about everyone was once again on my heels. Twelve more unbroken burpees and just 16 pull-ups. While running my 3rd 400m I thought, “I should’ve at least done 18 pull-ups that round. I should be decreasing by 2 pull-ups per round at the most.” I completed 12 unbroken burpees — and then 18 unbroken pull-ups. Coach Jeff was watching me to make sure my chin went above the bar. My chin went well above the bar. Bitches.

Another 400m run, 12 unbroken burpees and 16 unbroken pull-ups. Well, okay then. “Finish strong,” I thought.

Yet another 400m run. Like the previous 3 runs, Brad was hot on my heels. In passing I said, “At least you’re not gaining on me!” He should’ve elbowed me. As he couldn’t catch me, I suppose he couldn’t very well do that. Twelve unbroken burpees and 20 — yes, 20 — unbroken pull-ups. Huh? Where the hell did that come from? Glancing at the clock I knew I had time for perhaps one more round. 

My last 400m run, 12 very fast unbroken burpees, and less than a minute to complete as many pull-ups as possible. I did so by completing 12 unbroken, pausing at the bottom of the rep, completing 2 more reps for a total of 14, then 2 singles for a total of 16. I thought, “String at least 2 together.” I did so, bringing the total to 18. I finished with 2 singles, having to swing a number of times at the bottom of the pull-ups before popping my hips and getting my chin above the bar. That was a total of 20 reps the last round.

The score was the total number of pull-ups; thus my score was 110. I also ran 1.5 mile and completed 72 burpees.

Hot for Teacher

photo-4My first workout was completed at 9:45. As much as I would’ve like to have participated in the partner WOD, I most definitely needed to focus on coaching (and cat herding) today; thus, I had to improvise.

The workout as programmed:

Partner WOD
19:30 AMRAP
One partner works while the other partner “rests”. Partners work for 1:30 intervals, resting 30 seconds between intervals, and cycle through activities.

A: Front rack lunges (95/63) | L-arm KB or DB hold (weight determined by coach)
B: Pushups | plank hold
C: Power cleans (95/63) | bottom of squat hold
D: Ring rows | bottom of pushup hold
E: Back squats (95/63) | R-arm KB or DB hold

I cycled through by completing both aspects of each lettered round. My goal was to complete all holds unbroken, i.e., hold for 90 seconds.

I alternated legs and completed 28 lunges, all forward. I didn’t drop the bar to the floor. My left left is most definitely stronger than my right leg. I held a 44# KB in a waiter’s carry for the full 90 seconds. On to B.

I completed 41 pushups and easily held a plank for 90 seconds. On to C.

I completed 23 power cleans. My right wrist is still nagging me somewhat, so the bar did remain in a death grip. I held bottom of squat for 90 seconds. On to D.

My arms were getting quite tired. I was only able to completed 37 ring rows. I told myself to hold bottom of pushup (i.e., hovering just above the ground) for 45 seconds. I held the pushup for 45 seconds and told myself to attempt a minute. I did. No turning back now, so I held the pushup for the full 90 seconds. On to E.

I do love back squats. Once again, I didn’t drop the bar to the floor. I completed 33 back squats. I was then bound and determined to hold that damned KB for the full 90 seconds. I counted up to 45 and then down from 45. I struggled mightily during as 30 seconds still remained on the clock. “Ten, nine, eight, seven — you can make it, Paul — six, just five seconds left, four, three…”

And then my my elbow bent and KB descended and I cradled it in my arm. I find it amazing that my brain said, “Hold it!” but my body said, “F@ck you.”

Uhm, I’m not sure how to score this. Suggestions?

It’s a beautiful day, so I took Luke for a walk/run on the American Tobacco Trail. We had a splendid time! I arrived back at the box and began my second workout at 11:10.

After seeing the following posted on the main site, I very much wanted to give it a try.

10 RFT
12 burpeees
12 pull=ups

My goal was to have an even split, so I made sure to look at the clock at the end of the 5th round. My aspirational goal was to complete all rounds unbroken. I also made the workout a bit more challenging by touching a pull-up bar that was a little more than 4″ above my highest reach at the top of each burpee. That’s always fun!

Uhm, yeah, so I achieved both of my goals, completing 5 rounds in 6 minutes and completing the workout in exactly 16 minutes. Yup, all unbroken rounds. I did, however, have to really pick up the pace the last round in order to achieve the time goal. I’m like that, you know, all awesome and shit.

Didya do that math? Didya? Didya? That’s 120 burpees and pull-ups.