Sore wrist still…

I very much wanted to complete today’s strength session, but knew I was going to be unable to do so during first attempt at front squat with 45# bar. Dammit. I did, however, complete conditioning. And it was good.

12-minute AMRAP
10 power snatches (75#)
30 double unders

I started the clock, completed 10 power snatches, thought, “This feels light”, and realized I had only lifted 65#. Dammit. I added 2, 5# plates and started the clock again.

My goal was to work continuously, and for the most part I did just that. I completed all but 1 round of double unders unbroken. I was, however, quite winded after doing so each round of double unders, and it take me a moment or two to will myself to put my hands on the bar.

Oh, and I still have a scab on my forehead from being bitten by a power snatch this past Saturday.

As the clock was counting down, I realized I could complete 7 rounds. I picked up the pace, completed 7 rounds, and then was sorry that I had done so, as there was still 30 seconds on the clock. Dammit. More power snatches. I completed 5 more before time ran out.

Total = 7 rounds + 5 power snatches; 75 power snatches and 210 double unders.

I coerced talked Jeff into leading the strength portion of the 5:15 pm WOD so that I could, well, complete strength. Instead of power clean, hang power clean, and front squat, I completed 3 reps of high bar back squat.

2 rounds @ 155#
2 @ 165
1 @ 175
1 @ 185
1 @ 195
2 @ 205
1 @ 215

Thus, I began at 70% and ended at 91% of 1RM. I’ll take it.

Jeff and I hosted the CFS Holiday Party, and we had a wonderful time! I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the the past year, and just how fortunate I am. Surmounties and by and large exceptional people. True story.

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