I heart partner WODs

As often happens when I program partner WODs, and odd number of athletes attended the 7:15 and 11:45 am sessions. My legs are toast.

Partner WOD
28-min AMRAP
5 dead-lifts (225/155)
11 pushups with feet on med ball
9 box jumps (24/20)

Partners alternate activities, with only 1 person working at a time.

I partnered with Deirdre first, and to somewhat level the playing field I dead-lifted 245# and used a 30″ box jump. Deirdre was an awesome partner, and we communicated very effectively. I began with dead-lifts, Deirdre completed pushups, I completed box jumps, Deirdre completed dead-lifts, etc. We completed 24 rounds + 13 reps. I completed all rounds of pushups unbroken and all but 1 round of box jumps unbroken. I did drop the bar at the top of each and every dead-lift.

65 dead-lifts
132 pushups
108 box jumps

I partnered with Susie next, and I shouldn’t have leveled the playing field. Ha! I dead-lifted 225# as prescribed, and placed a 25# plate on top of 30″ box for a total of 32″ box jumps. I also switched forth and back between pushup and pull-ups. We completed 31 rounds + 22 reps, i.e., I completed 6 of the 9 box jumps. I completed all rounds of pushups and pull-ups unbroken, I missed 3 box jumps (in that I jumped to 30″ box and didn’t land on plate on first attempt), and once again dropped each and every dead-lift from the top.

88 pushups
88 pull-ups
80 dead-lifts
141 box jumps

Grand totals:
Dead-lifts = 145
Pushups = 220
Pull-ups = 88
Box jumps = 249

Total weight dead-lifted = 34,170#

I’m gonna be restin’ tomorrow, yo. Probably.


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