Doing pistols makes me sweat.
Doing pistols makes me sweat.

It’s somewhat disconcerting to be working out during the month of December when the temperature is in the mid-70s and it’s very humid. I’ll stop complaining.

I worked out after coaching the 8:30 am session.

7 presses (65#)
7 push presses
7 weighted jumping air squats
7 GHD sit-ups
7 GHD back extensions

My goal was to complete in 14 minutes or less, as I estimated that it would take about 2 minutes to complete each round. Sixty-five pounds is 50% of my press 1RM. That sh!t got heavy fast. Presses were strict, so my butt be squozen. I completed all rounds of reps unbroken, although I did reset for push presses during last 3 rounds. Again, that sh!t got heavy. I also forgot to place bar on the back of my shoulders after final push press both 5th and 6th round, so I had to clean the bar an extra time. I finished in 13:14.

EMOTM for 12 minutes complete up to 5/leg pistols

I wore my weightlifting shoes. I decided to attempt a few rounds scaling by holding opposite toes of bent leg. Uhm, I was able to do so for all rounds. This is truly the first time that I’ve been able to break parallel for pistols, and I think I may know why…

I fully extended my leg. I also released my toes as I began to rise from the squat. I completed 3 pistols per leg the 1st round, 4 rounds 2 through 6, 5  the 7th round, 4 the 8th round, 5 rounds 9 through 11, and 6 the 12th and final round for a total of 98 pistols per leg. I rested 10 to 15 seconds between rounds.

That kinda hurt. It’s prolly gonna hurt more tomorrow. Or Sunday.

Jeff allowed me to complete the metcon with the 6:30 pm crew.

Run 800m
101 KB swings
Run 400m if KB is placed on ground

I ran what for me was a slow 800m. We all completed KB swings outside, and I chose to swing that damn 60# KB Russian style. That KB got heavy very fast. I completed 55 or 56 reps, set the KB down, ran 400m, and completed the remaining reps. As I wasn’t sure whether I had completed 55 or 56, I began my second round of KB swings with the 56th rep, so I may have completed 102 KB swings.

Time = 9:19

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