My kind of workout

An exhausting weekend, as I led accelerated Foundations yesterday and today. Whew! I need a nap. But first, I blog.

I worked out with the 11 am crew. This was particularly fun today. Read on.

Complete as many reps or row as many calories as possible in 1 minute, rotating through the following 5 activities 2 times and resting 1 minute between activities:

— Wall ball shots, 20# and 10′ target
— Sumo dead-lift high pulls, 95#
— Double unders
— Bent over rows, 95#
— Row for calories

Rest 5 minutes

— 7 dead-lifts, 185#
— 11 burpees to 2″ target

My goal was to match or exceed reps/calories from 1st to 2nd round. I completed 24 wall ball shots the first round, and would’ve completed more if the damned medicine ball hadn’t hit me squarely in the head. I completed 26 reps the second round. Angie and I faced each other (although I avoided direct eye contact) for SDHPs, and we matched each other rep for rep the 1st round, completing 23 reps. That was tough. It was also nice having someone to compete with, and I know that I wouldn’t have completed unbroken reps if Angie hadn’t been there. Thanks, Angie! I only completed 21 reps the 2nd round.

Double unders started well the 1st round, and I completed 65 unbroken. I then only managed to complete 21 more reps for a total of 86, and only managed to complete 79 reps the 2nd round.

Even though I had completed 91, 95# bent over rows just yesterday, bent over rows went very well today. I completed 47 reps both rounds, doing so by completing unbroken sets of 20, 10, 5, 5, & 7 reps. Rowing also went well, and I rowed 19 calories both rounds.

Uhm, yeah, so I grunt loudly while lifting and rowing. I often caught people giving me sideways glances. Dianne, I’m talking about you.

Total = 391

I set up my barbell under the pull-up rig, and Angie was once again beside me and Glenda was nearby. I used the highest bar on the pull-up rig as a target, probably greater than 2″ — but that’s okay. I wore Jeff’s weightlifting belt. I probably need one of my own, Jeff. Hint! And wrist wraps. And my car detailed.

My goal was to complete rounds in unbroken reps.

Gah, this was tough! I dropped each and every dead-lift, even though the weight felt relatively light.

During the 1st round of 11 burpees I thought, “Tap out. There’s no way you’re going to make it, particularly not in unbroken reps.” The 2nd round was perhaps the most difficult. No, wait, the 3rd round was the most difficult. Or maybe the 4th round. I almost didn’t make it through the 5th or 6th rounds with unbroken reps. During the very last round of 11 burpees I thought, “Just make it to 6.” I made it to 6. “Just make it to 8.” I barely made it to 8. “Just do 1 rep at a time. Nine. Ten. Eleven”.

I achieved my goal, and completed in 8:32. Jumping to the target certainly slowed me down!

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