Gettin’, gettin’, gettin’ kinda heavy

photoI worked out during the break between the 7 am Boot Camp (that Liz led!) and the 8:30 am WOD. That’s all the time that I needed.

EMOTM for 10 minutes
Maximum number of strict, dead-hang pull-ups
3 heavy dead-lifts
Alternate activities each minute

As described and prescribed, dead-lifts were to be 75% of 1RM, and that meant 275# for yours truly.

My goal was to average 10 dead-hang pull-ups a round, i.e., complete 50 reps. I completed 12 (8 unbroken) and 11 (6 unbroken) the 1st and 2nd rounds, respectively, and 10 the remaining 3 rounds. I had 2 failed attempts, as I was unable to get my chin above the bar on the 11th attempt of both the 3rd and 4th rounds. Dead-lifts were heavy but most certainly manageable. I thoroughly enjoy strength sessions such as this, as I it was both challenging and rewarding.

Total = 53 dead-hang pull-ups & 15, 275# dead-lifts

Who programs this shit? Oh, that’d be me!

Row 1K

Toes to bar 
Dead-lift @ 50% of heavy dead-lift above

Dead-lift weight was 140# — my body weight. My goal for rowing was to keep strokes/min at 22, and to complete all rounds of dead-lifts unbroken. An aspiration was to also complete all rounds of toes to bar unbroken, but that didn’t happen. I did keep s/m at about 22, and rowed 1K in 3:53.9. I immediately completed 2 toes to bar and 12 dead-lifts. Dead-lifts felt incredibly light! I completed all rounds of dead-lifts unbroken, and rounds of 2 through 8 toes to bar unbroken. The rounds of 10 and 12 toes to bar were kind of miserable, and I often ended up doing singles. That’s 56 dead-lifts and toes to bar.

Time = 7:54

Jaclyn got to witness my last few toes to bar and last 2 dead-lifts, and to observe me breathing heavily and sweating profusely. At least I wasn’t swearing.

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