The BIG Five Oh (how I love burpees)!

I remember this moment all too well. Although I hadn't moved the chip, I was completing my last round and was midway through last round of 63 double unders.
I remember this moment all too well. Although I hadn’t moved the chip, I was completing my last round and was midway through last set of 63 double unders.

Yup, today is my 5oth birthday, and I feel great! My life is wonderful, and I enjoy every single moment of it.

I completed today’s CrossFit Surmount programmed WOD with the 8:30 crew. Jeff was kind enough to coach. He didn’t, however, believe me when I told him that I was going to complete the workout not as a partner but as a team WOD — with Me, Myself, and I. It had always been my intention to do so.

Run 1 mile
6 rounds of the following:

— 12 burpee dead-lifts (225#)
— 14 burpee box jumps (30″)
— 19 burpee pull-ups

— 63 lateral bar hops/double unders (alternating rounds)
Run 1 mile

Partners were to divide work evenly (although I discovered that this didn’t always happen). I, on the other hand, would be completing all reps. Just they way I like it.

The distance was long, the dead-lifts heavy, the box high, and the rep count even high as well.

My only goal was to have an even split, and I achieved this goal. Gah! It was very tough to do so.

I ran 2, 800m intervals for both miles, and completed the first mile in 6:30. As I was pacing myself and preparing for the upcoming work, and I was pleased with that time. Jay and Nathanael were partners, and I do believe that Nathanael tried to race me during one of the 400m runs. Uhm, I wasn’t about to play his reindeer games.

I worked steadily throughout the workout, and completed all but 1 round of lateral bar hops (I missed a step) and rounds of double unders (I knew I wasn’t going to get 3 rounds of 63 reps) unbroken.

Let’s do the math, shall we?
2-mile run
72 burpee dead-lifts
84 burpee box jumps
114 burpee pull-ups
189 lateral bar hops
189 double unders

While not complete burpees, as there wasn’t a final jump and clap, I nonetheless completed 270 burpees. That’s more than the requisite 50 birthday burpees.

I completed through round 3 in just over 30 minutes, and completed the WOD in 1 hour and 9 seconds. That’s a steady pace, ladies and gentlemen.

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