I timed that one just right…

I wanted to practice power snatches, but was unable to complete strength with either session as, once again, the house be packed, yo. Uhm, 20 athletes at 9:45 session!

I was able to complete the conditioning during the 8:30 session, and Jeff was kind enough to coach.

Yeah, so, like I completed 120 burpees and pull-ups just yesterday. Yeah, so, like I perhaps shouldn’t have completed today’s conditioning. Yeah, so,  like I really wanted to do this workout, so I did.

22-min AMRAP
Run 400m
12 burpees

Maximum number of pull-ups

Like yesterday, I touched a pull-up bar that was a little more than 4″ above my highest reach at the end of each burpee. I set no goal for number of pull-ups, as I feared I might overdo it and perhaps hurt myself.

I’m smart like that.

I did, of course, set a realistic goal to run first 400m in less than 90 seconds and to complete all rounds of burpees unbroken.

Chris had claimed the Speal bar, so I completed pull-ups on one of the regular bars. In all honesty, I can tell no difference. I also set a pumice stone beside my paper and pen. I was good to go.

The timer began, and I got an elbow from both of the Donovans, Brad and Alex! Ha! I said, “You little shits,” and took off, with Alex not far behind. It’s nice to run with others. For that matter, it’s very nice to work out with others! I glanced at the clock upon my return to the box and it read 1:26. Nice. That’s a sub 6-min mile pace. I completed 12 unbroken burpees and then easily completed 20 unbroken, i.e., not even a pause at the bottom of the rep, pull-ups. No fatigue, no muscle failure. Good.

I ran another 400m, and just about everyone was once again on my heels. Twelve more unbroken burpees and just 16 pull-ups. While running my 3rd 400m I thought, “I should’ve at least done 18 pull-ups that round. I should be decreasing by 2 pull-ups per round at the most.” I completed 12 unbroken burpees — and then 18 unbroken pull-ups. Coach Jeff was watching me to make sure my chin went above the bar. My chin went well above the bar. Bitches.

Another 400m run, 12 unbroken burpees and 16 unbroken pull-ups. Well, okay then. “Finish strong,” I thought.

Yet another 400m run. Like the previous 3 runs, Brad was hot on my heels. In passing I said, “At least you’re not gaining on me!” He should’ve elbowed me. As he couldn’t catch me, I suppose he couldn’t very well do that. Twelve unbroken burpees and 20 — yes, 20 — unbroken pull-ups. Huh? Where the hell did that come from? Glancing at the clock I knew I had time for perhaps one more round. 

My last 400m run, 12 very fast unbroken burpees, and less than a minute to complete as many pull-ups as possible. I did so by completing 12 unbroken, pausing at the bottom of the rep, completing 2 more reps for a total of 14, then 2 singles for a total of 16. I thought, “String at least 2 together.” I did so, bringing the total to 18. I finished with 2 singles, having to swing a number of times at the bottom of the pull-ups before popping my hips and getting my chin above the bar. That was a total of 20 reps the last round.

The score was the total number of pull-ups; thus my score was 110. I also ran 1.5 mile and completed 72 burpees.

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