Goodbye, 2013!

photo-9I’ve been quite busy preparing for the new year; thus, no blog yesterday. I did, of course, work out.

Establish 1RM

Lifts were going well until 145#, when I felt a slight pain in my right thumb. I’m not going to risk re-injury, so I called it a day.

“Death by Cleaning” 
Complete 1 clean on the first minute, 2 on the second minute, 3 on the third minute, etc., until you are no longer able to complete required reps within the minute.

I settled on 85#. Yup, light, but my goal was to not re-injure wrist. I began each round with a power clean and then completed remaining reps as hang power cleans. I made it through round 16 completing unbroken reps. That shit got heavy.

I made it through round 19 with just 3 seconds to spare. I didn’t even attempt 20. That’s 190 cleans. My right clavicle protrudes, and is now very bruised.

I worked out at 1pm this afternoon, completing the conditioning that was programmed.

20:13 AMRAP
100 sprinting single unders (50/leg)
5 sots presses (45)
13 ring dips

My goal was to completed sprinting single unders and sots presses unbroken. I missed the 41st rep of the 4th set of sus. I also rose out of the squat for the 1st rep of last round of sots presses, so I re-did. So close.

I began by completing ring dips in reps of 5, 5, & 3, and did so for the first 6 or 7 rounds. As I was feeling strong, I increased reps to 6, 7, & and much as 8 during the last rounds.

Score = 10 rounds + 42 single unders; 1,042 single unders, 50 sots presses, and 130 ring dips. Sheesh. That’s a considerable amount of work, yo.

Most of the sessions at CrossFit Surmount have been full (to sometimes overflowing), particularly the 11:45 session — 16 today and 17 yesterday! Jaclyn was the only person to attend the 5:15 session today, so I completed planks with her.

2-min 70# weighted plank
2-min 1-armed plank
1-min 1-armed & 1-legged plank
1- min wall plank
19 alternating arm planks in 1 minute

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