70/30 and under 30

Uhm, yeah, so like not a single athlete attended the 11:45 session yesterday — the first time this has happened. Perhaps the dreary weather kept people away.

I worked out during the noon hour, first practicing snatch exercises and then handstand holds. As I am able to hold a handstand with feet against the wall for longer than 2 minutes, I practiced freestanding handstands. As I was alone, I used the wall for assistance, keeping at the most 1 foot against the wall for support. I held for a mere 38 seconds.

EMOTM for 6 minutes
5 fast Russian KB swings (52/35)
8-min AMRAP
5 forward rolls (beside grey wall)
Bear crawl from grey wall to blue wall to grey wall wall to blue wall
5 medicine ball cleans/wall ball shots (20/14# & 10/9′)
Crab walk to grey wall

I scaled up to 70# KB and 30# medicine ball. I completed all rounds of 5 KB swings in 7 seconds for a grand total of 42 seconds. One of the slower times of the day.

I enjoyed the rolling, crawling, squatting, throwing combination, and worked at a steady pace. I got quite discombobulated during the workout, and I either completed 5 or 6 rounds + 13 reps. I should have used poker chips. Dammit. I blame Steve Dodge.

I attended the 11:45 am session led — for the first time — by Coach Emily! Emily did an awesome job, as I knew she would.

Run 1K
50 jumping pull-ups
25 floor presses (95#)

Look familiar? This is the WOD I programmed for today and completed this past Monday.

As I was able to complete all floor presses at the prescribed weight of 75# on Monday, I increased the weight to 95# today. That shit got heavy very fast.

My goals were to (once again) complete all rounds of jumping pull-ups unbroken, and to complete the entire workout in less than 30 minutes.

I very much enjoy working out with others, even Steve Burke, although he’s my least favorite Burke.

I ran the first 1K, completed unbroken pull-ups, and began floor presses. Ninety-five pounds felt heavy. Given that 95# is more than 65% of my body weight and more than 50% of my 1RM, it’s no wonder. I completed in sets of 10, 10, & 5 reps.

While running the 2nd 1K I thought, “You may have to break the 25 reps into sets of 10, 5, 5, & 5 or even sets of 5. Gah!” Yes, I thought “Gah!”

I completed unbroken pull-ups and floor presses in sets of 15 & 10 reps. Huh? Well, okay then! I was able to continue complete floor presses in sets of 15 & 10 reps for the remainder of the workout. The last 5 reps of the last set of 10 felt exceedingly heavy, but I nonetheless completed unbroken albeit slowly.

Time = 29:23

That’s 2 minutes and 25 seconds faster than 2 days ago, and with floor presses 20# heavier.

This is a clear indication that I perform better when working out with others. Yo.

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