On the mend.

photo-28I worked out after coaching the 8:30 athletes, and competed today’s programmed WOD.

5 @ 70, 80, & 90% of 1RM (235#)

I completed sets of 5 unbroken reps @ 165, 185, and 210#. Lifts felt and looked (yup, I recorded and reviewed) solid.

11-min ARMAP
1, 2, 3…
Dead-lift, 185#
Lateral bar hop/side
Toes to bar 

Rest 2 minute2

Max time weighted plank hold (up to 4 minutes)

This was kinda fun. I set a goal to make it through round 10 with unbroken dead-lifts, i.e., no dropping the bar, and unbroken toes to bar. As I knew I’d be able to complete unbroken lateral bar hops, I didn’t set that as a goal. Sadly, I only made it through the round of 8 toes to bar unbroken. Dammit. For the round of 9 I completed 7 & 2 and for the round of 10 I completed 8 & 2. Dammit. I did, however, complete dead-lifts unbroken through round of 10. Yay!

Total = 11 rounds + 8 dead-lifts

I wore a 45# weight vest and placed a 25# plate on my back for a total of 70#, which is half of my body weight. I held the plank for 3:03. That. Was. Tough.

Today was quite a day at CrossFit Surmount, as Angelina, Ashley, Lorraine, and Michelle were all able to complete their first ever toes to bar! The programming is working, yo.

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