Sore all over

Yup, I woke up sore from head to toe. Justifiably sore from head to toe, yo.

I nonetheless worked out between the (last of January) Living Social and 11:45 WODs. I knew the jerks weren’t going to go well.

5 reps @ 70, 80, & 90% of 1RM

I only managed 3 at 90%, and didn’t care to put the bar back on the rack upon dropping after the 3rd rep. Besides, I’ve really been wanting to try the metcon since I had an opportunity to judge at the recent Carolina Fitness Challenge.

10-min AMRAP
6 power cleans, 115#
9 chest to bar pull-ups

I thought that the power cleans would be the most challenging part of the metcon, but I just now realized the prescribed weight was 155, not a mere 115#. Ha! The chest to bar pull-ups are difficult today.

I complete all rounds of HSPUs unbroken. Yup, I did that. I missed the 4th rep of the first round of power cleans (in that I didn’t pull myself under the bar fast enough), but I surprisingly completed the remaining rounds with no failed reps. I did drop the bar after a few of the reps, but I quickly completed the next rep.

How the hell did that happen? Could it be that my recent focus on clean, jerks, and snatches is paying off? Could it be that I’m actually getting stronger? Time will tell.

I completed the first 2 rounds of chest to bar pull-ups unbroken, and completed all but the last round in sets of 2, usually 5 and 4. I competed the last set in reps of 5, 2, 1, & 1.

I completed 6 rounds.

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