No mo’ cabin fever…

Yours truly coaching Community WOD.
Yours truly coaching Community WOD.

It’s sometimes difficult to get in a workout when you own a box. Seriously. I rested Thursday and Friday, although I did take Luke for 2-mile walks through the crunchy snow both days.

I worked out with the 8:30 athletes today, as Jeff was once again kind enough to coach. Today’s WOD was “Deck of Cards”.

“Deck of Cards”

We will begin with a shuffled deck. The coach will flip a card, and then announce the suit and value. Complete the required activity and reps.

Option A

♥ | Floor press (95/73)
♦ | Chest to bar pull-up
♣ | Toes to bar
♠ | Box jump (30/24)
Joker | 10, 6-count burpees

Option B

♥ | Floor press (85/63)
♦ | Pull-up
♣ | Knees to elbows
♠ | Box jump (24/20)
Joker | 10 burpees

Option C

♥ | Floor press (75/53)
♦ | Ring row
♣ | Abmat sit-up
♠ | Box step-ups (20/17)
Joker | 10 burpess

Time cap: 50 minutes

Note: Complete 10 reps for face cards, i.e., Jack, Queen, & King.

It should come as no surprise that I completed Option A. Two days of rest may have been just what I needed, as I felt very strong today.

Uhm, coach Jeff got a little confused and called out 10 reps instead of 1 when an Ace was drawn. Oh and he did this twice.

10 fp
1 fp
10 bj
4 fp
10 fp
2 bj
10 t2b
4 bj
1 c2b
8 c2b
7 c2b
9 bj
5 t2b
10 bj
2 c2b
8 t2b
8 t2b
9 t2b
3 c2b
8 fp
8 bj
3 fp
10 c2b
10 burpees
9 fp
4 c2b
5 bj
4 t2b
6 t2b
10 t2b
10 c2b
10 burpees
5 c2b
6 fp
10 burpees
7 bj
10 fp
10 burpees
7 t2b
10 bj
10 c2b
5 fp
10 t2b
10 t2b
9 c2b
7 fp
10 c2b
10 bj
10 t2b
2 t2b
2 fp
10 bj
6 bj
10 fp
6 c2b

Whew! Ninety-five pound floor presses felt incredibly light, and I completed all rounds unbroken. I often completed rounds of chest to bar pull-ups unbroken, although I did have to break up sets as time passed. Toes to bar went better than expected, and while I did complete many singles I was nonetheless able to complete sets of unbroken kipping toes to bar even near the end of the workout.

I missed 1 box jump, but didn’t hurt myself doing so. That was a relief! I focused on keeping up a manageable pace.

In order from least to most difficult: floor press, chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar, and box jumps.

That’s 40 burpees, 85 reps of floor press and chest to bar pull-ups, and 94 reps of toes to bar and box jumps. See what Jeff did there? I had to do more reps of the 2 most difficult activities.

Time = 28:23

Danielle and Doreen crushed me like a tiny little bug.


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