Like a light-switch.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 3.00.09 PMWe saw “Book of Mormon” at DPAC last night, and it was once again and incredible experience! I can’t stop singing the tunes. I believe!

Today’s WOD was indeed a Sunday Challenge! I joined the 9:45 athletes and Coach Jeff led the session.

Row for calories | bodyweight x .5/.4
Dead-lifts | bodyweight x 100/80
Cleans | bodyweight x 50/40
Overhead squats | bodyweight x 35/28
Wall ball shots | bodyweight x 10/8


  • You are allowed 1 barbell.
  • The barbell must begin from the floor (unless approved by coach).
  • It is up to you to determine the weight of lifts. The weight of the lifts will determine the number of required reps.
  • You may complete activities in any order.
  • You need not complete any activity before completing reps of another activity or rowing.

* To determine reps for pushups
75 – 150# | bodyweight x .75/.6
151 – 200# | bodyweight x .6/.5
> 200# | bodyweight x .45/.4

To somewhat level the playing fields, I rounded up my bodyweight to 145#. I created a nifty spreadsheet and recorded reps in notebook. I had no set plan in place in that I hadn’t determined what activity I would do first, second, third, etc., or how many reps of activities I would complete per round. For workouts like this, I like to complete based upon performance and feeling.

While I did want to row first, 6 folks had claimed the rowers. I began with pushups and ended with OHS. I usually completed lifts, wall ball shots, and pushups in sets of 10 reps and rowed 15 calories at a time. I also usually completed lifts in reverse order than completed the previous round. For example, I completed 10 OHS, cleans, and dead-lifts and then 10 dead-lifts, cleans, and OHS. I used a pair of 45, 15, & 10# plates.

Uhm, changing weights was a welcome relief.

Rowing a mere 15 calories was also a welcome relief, as were pushups. I completed between 10 and 15 unbroken pushups each time, between 10 and 13 unbroken wall balls, between 5 and 15 unbroken cleans, between 8 and 10 unbroken dead-lifts, and between 10 and 18 unbroken OHS. Yup, I finished the workout by completed 18 unbroken OHS. That’s progress!

Dead-lifts at 185# felt incredibly light, 95# cleans were just right, and, quite surprisingly, 75# OHS felt very light. I also easily power snatched 75#.

I completed the workout in 49:10. I was a heavy, grunting, sweaty mess when all was said and done. This workout was an incredible amount of fun!

1559466_10151956238467196_242644182_o 1619545_10151956237642196_1473010907_n

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