Luke doesn't have enough toys.
Luke doesn’t have enough toys.

I took the day off, so that only left me and myself to work out. Thus, me and myself partnered for today’s programmed WOD.

I attended the 11:45 session led by Coach Emily. Katherine & Katchu and Kelly-May & Tom were in attendance. ’Twas a challenging workout.

Who comes up with this sh!t?

Partner WOD
In teams of 2 (or 3, with coach’s approval)
With a running clock, complete the following activities:
Row 2K
4-minute accumulated time KB or DB waiter’s carry hold (52/35)
150 weighted air squats (45/35)
400m KB or DB farmer’s carry (52/35)
200/side grasshoppers
Run 1600m
5-minute accumulated plank hold

Rowing 2K is never easy, and today was no exception. Kelly-May & Tom were to my immediate left. Just after beginning I noticed that Kelly-May was, well, rowing too damned fast. I said, “Match me stroke for stroke, Kelly-May.” And she did. She’s as smart as I am good-looking. I rowed 2K in 7:55.

I alternated arms beginning with right for waiter’s carry, holding 52# KB high above my head for 1 minute at a time. The last 10 seconds of the last 2 holds were painfully, delightfully miserable.

Gah, 150 weighted air squats! I completed the majority with the plate resting on my back. I put down the plate at least 4 or 5 times, shaking out my legs each time I did. Holding the plate on your back takes much grip strength. Good thing I didn’t have to complete any farmer’s carries today.

I had no intention of completing 400m farmer’s carry without putting down the KB. Not today, anyhow. I often set it down after running a mere 10m, switching hands, and then running back 10m. Forty, 10m runs.

Grasshoppers are challenging. Two hundred grasshoppers is ridiculous. I complete 6 rounds of 10, and then completed the next 140 in reps of 5. That’s 200 per side, folks. My abs were were on fire!

I grabbed the key and quickly opened the back gate so that I could run (as others rowed). Running was by far the easiest part of today’s workout.

I had intended to complete 5-minute plank in 1-minute intervals, but was still feeling strong. I held plank for 3 minutes, rested exactly 10 seconds, and completed a 2-minute plank.

Time 48:23.

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