Cleanin’ up

photo-6Sore glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Oh, my! The morning sessions were cancelled due to inclement weather. I completed my first workout this morning before coaching the 11:45 am session. While I knew I didn’t want to complete the entire workout posted on the main site, I knew I wanted a workout that would provide active recovery. I completed 3 instead of 5 rounds.

Problem solved.

I’m a problem solver.


Row 1K
15 GHD hip extensions
15 GHD sit-ups

I kept strokes/minute in the low 20s, and rowed each round in just over 4 minutes. I completed rounds of back extensions and sit-ups in reps of 10.

Time = 22:57

I worked out again this afternoon, joining the 4 pm athletes.

EMOTM for up to 15 minutes (15 rounds)
1 power clean
1 hang power clean
1 hang clean
1 clean

I completed rounds @ 65, 65, 75, 75, 85, 95, 105, 105, 115, 115, 125, 125, 135, 125, & 145#.

I was delighted that the weight felt so light today! It wasn’t very long ago that 145# was my clean 1RM, yet today I completed a hang clean at the very weight. Progress!

10-min AMRAP
2, 4, 6…
— Bent over rows (115)
— V-ups
— Lateral bar hops

My good friend Stephen and I went head to head during this workout. The most difficult aspect for me was keeping track of what round I was on — that is until I began recording. I’m just that smart.

I knew lateral bar hops were going to be easy, and they were. I completed all rounds unbroken. I thought bent over rows would be much more difficult than V-ups, but the opposite was true. I completed all rounds of bent over rows (at > 80% of my body weight) unbroken, but had to begin breaking up V-up during the round of 20. I really struggled during the last round of 22.

I completed 22 rounds + 14 rows.

182 bent over rows
168 V-ups
168 lateral bar hops

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