Paul and Barbara
Paul and Barbara

We spent yesterday celebrating my mother’s 80th birthday. Perhaps needless to say, I overindulged. I had two, count them, two pieces of birthday cake. Gah!

Bryan St. James, owner of and head coach at CrossFit Nittany, was kind enough to allow us to attend Open Gym today. Many of the athletes at today’s session were completing (or re-doing) 14.2.

That’s one workout that I never, ever want to do again.

5-minutes of 1 strict pushup every 5 seconds; hold plank during “rest”

As I knew were going going to be doing press series, I didn’t want to complete pushups to failure. I complete all reps strict and in 1 second. Yup, I did that.

EMOTM for 14 15 minutes
1 press
1 push press
1 power jerk
1 jerk

This was included in today’s programmed WOD at CrossFit Surmount. Jeff joined me, and we completed workout face-to-face. He usually began press sooner than did I, as I take my time with the lift off. It’s a slooooooow pull, ladies and gentlemen. That’s what he said.

I began with 75# and gradually increased weight. The 14th set was at 120#. I felt strong today, so I attempted a final set at 125#. The press was a struggle, but I was able to lock it out. Yay!

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 chest to bar pull-ups
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 DB burpees, 40# 

Why chest to bar pull-ups? Why not?! Why DB burpees? Because I love burpees!

My goal was to complete in less than 10 minutes, and I barely did so in a time of 9:43. I don’t know that I’ve ever completed burpees with 40# dumbbells. Shit got heavy very quickly. I also had to step on a box to reach Speal bar at CFN. Shit felt high.

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