Any excuse for burpees

Tuesday, March 11

I had the pleasure of joining Ms. Alexus and Ms. Kim for the 11:45 session this morning. ‘Twas fun!

Sumo dead-lift high pull
EMOTM for 5 minutes complete 5 reps (min 0 – 5)
EMOTM for 4 minutes complete 4 reps (min 5 – 9)
EMOTM for 3 minutes complete 3 reps (min 9 – 12)

I began with 75#, and increased with by 5# to 10# a round. I had retrieved 2, 10# plates. Well, at least I thought I had. Uhm, people, return the plates to the proper place! So, instead of jumping from 110 to 115, I jumped from 110 to 125#. Dammit. I completed the last 3 sets of 3 reps @ 140, 145, & 150#. That’s 50 SDHP, yo.

“Fun with a Plate!”
18-minute AMRAP
6 plate presses (45)
6 plate box jumps (24+plate)
6 plate burpees
6/leg plate lunges

Rest minutes 6-7 & 12-13

My only goal was to complete 10 rounds, as I knew I’d be able to work continuously and complete unbroken reps. I completed 10 rounds + 14 reps, finishing with burpees. Yay,  burpees!

The 3 openings between 7301 & 7303 are open, and the space looks, well, spacious. I’m excited & anxious. Flip sides of the same coin.

Wednesday, March 12

As there were an odd number of people at the 8:3o session, I had the pleasure or partnering with Coach Emily. Yay!

Prior to the start of the workout Marianne kept asking, “What if there’s an odd number of people?” I kept reassuring her that I had a plan B. She figured out what that might entail and unequivocally stated, “I don’t want to partner with you.” She’s as smart as I am pretty, and I’m pretty damned smart.

Partner Workout
In teams of 2
— 100 bent over rows (95/63)
— 100 wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
— 100 pushups
— 100 Abmat sit-ups
— 100 Abmat back extensions
— 100 air squats
Partner A runs 200m while Partner B completes as many bent over rows (wall ball shots, pushup, sit-ups, back extensions, airs squats) as possible. Partner A taps Partner B. Partner B runs 200m while Partner A continues completing bent over rows (wall ball shots, pushup, sit-ups, back extensions, airs squats) continuing count from where Partner B left off. Once 100 reps of any activity are completed, partners move to next activity until air squats are completed.

Emily and I completed as prescribed. I honestly can’t tell you how many reps I did of any activity, as we wisely kept a running count. I certainly didn’t push myself during the runs! I did, however, push the pace for sit-ups, back extensions, and air squats. We finished in a time of 19:22.

Progress continues with the additional space. The openings are being framed, and I have permission to begin painting walls, put down flooring, etc. Luke enjoys the additional play space!

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