Five and four.

1972510_10152016130882196_1654968554_nJeff was kind enough to coach the 9:45 am session. I led the warmup and demonstrated proper form and execution of activities, and we were off to the races.


Option A
Run 1 mile
Then complete 6 rounds of 9 reps of the following:
— handstand pushups
— burpee pull-ups
— banded dead-lifts (185/133)
— ring dips
— burpee box jumps (30/24)
— banded dead-lifts 
Then run 1 mile

Option B
Run 1K
Then complete 4, 5, or 6 rounds of 9 reps of the following:
— pushups
— pull-ups
— burpees

— dead-lifts (135/93)
— dips
— box jumps or box steps (24/20)
— 9 burpees

— 9 dead-lifts 
Then run 1K

Option C

This was as challenging as I thought it was going to be, and just as much fun!

I began by running 10,000m, and when I arrived back at the box to turn around Jeff said, “You ran a 4-minute mile?” Ha! I’ve never run a 4-minute mile, and that ship has sailed. That ship has probably passed the Panama Canal by now. I ran an additional 600m and returned to the box. My first words were, “You all are kicking my ass!’

Doza, Liz, and Kelli were stationed nearby. I wonder what they thought of my grunting during dead-lifts.

My goal was to complete all rounds of HSPUs, burpee pull-ups, ring dips, and burpee box jumps unbroken, and I came so very close to achieving that goal. Dammit. I broke all sets of banded dead-lifts into reps of 5 and 4. I forgot, however, to wear my weightlifting belt. 

I ran a mile in 6:30, and began HSPUs. While the first round of HSPUs was slow and methodical, my form and speed improved and increased as I progressed through the workout. I completed all but the 5th round in unbroken reps, completing the 5th round in reps of 7 & 2. I was exceedingly happy that I managed to complete the very last round unbroken. 

I did indeed complete rounds of burpee pull-ups, ring dips, and burpee box jumps unbroken. Banded dead-lifts felt heavy, as well they should. At one point Liz and I were doing dead-lifts at the same time and in very close proximity. She began to move her bar away and I said, “No need to do that. This is CrossFit.” Poor Liz and had be in very close proximity to my profuse sweating, my swearing, and my grunting. 

I finished the final round and once again ran 10,000m and 6oom, and finished in a time of 50:03

I’m not a hypocrite. At least not today. 

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