photo-18Unlike many others, I wasn’t sore this morning. I suppose it’s understandable if one is indeed sore after completing so many thrusters and burpees.

I worked out with the very small 9:45 am crew, including Evelyn, Thomasina, Angelina, and Emily.

Begin with 800m row
Then complete 50 reps of the following activities:
Hand release dead-lifts
Back squats
Shoulder to overhead
Lateral box jumps (24/20)
Complete 50 double unders after completing all reps of any activity

Men 125 – 155 | DL 185, SQ 115, S2O 75

You may complete activities in any order. You must, however, complete 50 double unders (or 150 single unders) after completing all reps of any activity. You are allowed 1 barbell. The barbell must begin from the floor, i.e., no racks allowed.

I pre-determined the order that I would complete activities. After rowing 800m, I began shoulder to overhead, completing the first 45 reps as power jerks and the last five reps as jerk. I completed S2O in 5 sets of 10 reps, thus I cleaned the bar 5 times.

I now truly love cleaning. [Insert inappropriate comment about jerking here.]

The first round of double unders didn’t go that well, but I did manage to complete about 25 unbroken.

I then completed back squats, doing so in reps of 15, 20, & 15. I occasionally completed low bar back squats so mix things up a bit. It helped. I also occasionally paused to shake out my legs. I cleaned the bar 3 times.

The second round of double unders went better than the first.

While I hadn’t intended to complete 50 lateral box jumps unbroken, that is nonetheless what I did. Box jumps were a welcome relief from lifting.

The third round of double unders went even better, and if I recall I completed the last 40 unbroken.

I finished with dead-lifts, completing in reps of 10, 15, 15, & 10. No matter the weight, dead-lifts begin to feel heavy when you’re completing that many reps.

I completed the last round of double unders unbroken. Yay!

Time = 24:19

This workout was perfect for today, as it was neither too easy nor too challenging. Again, yay!

Jeff and I visited Brenda and Larry today, and stopped by the Reebok outlet whilst in Mebane. I had already paid for my purchase when Mike A. entered the store. He asked for some help picking out CrossFit shoes, and it was then that Jeff pointed out the shoes on sale. I purchased a pair of weightlifting shoes for a mere $40!

That. Made. My. Day.

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